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Poet Introduction

"Poet" hmm naw, sounds like somethin a pretentious hipster kid would say while drinking pabst blue ribbon and smoking a cigarette he bummed off somebody else.

Favorite Poets/Writers

John Sweet, M.DiStefano, The buk. John Pembleton/subvert/medikal mohawk

About Me

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I'm David, some of my friends call me Elvis, its whichever u want.I'm 23 from Aurora Co, i grew up on punk rock, bmx and whatever we could find to get fucked up on.
I credit my style and world view to my punk roots, you know drinkin cheap booze in a bathroom stall, loitering, getting shitty tattoos, breakin shit and making sure I did the exact opposite of what any percieved authority figure wanted me to dddo. Yea, i know i sound like an asshole.
I write "poems" and "Prose", I've published six of my poems and was interviewed by a writing site I used to belong to once. I appreciate all feedback, dont be shy i aint easily offended.
The two coolest things that I've experienced as a writer are a)when someone relates to my writing or feels a connection with my words and b) when i manage to piss someone off to the extent that I recieve angry messages about me pissing them off

My Reading List

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rattle by JohnFeddeler
Scream by M-DiStefano
Loud Speaker Story Telling by WikipediaJunkie
I Want.... by M-DiStefano
Slice of Life by M-DiStefano

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