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Poet Introduction

Hello, I am not very good at poetry yet but I don't write poetry for the world, I do it for me and to make myself feel better.

About Me

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There is not much to now about me, I am no one special. I just write about what has happened to me the events that have impacted my life in one way or another. I lost many people and gained many but, through all this pain I always found myself alone until a couple of years ago. I met an amazing man who helped me through a rough break up and now calls me his wife.

I am different in my own way however, uniqueness is a blessing. I used to hurt myself and am still trying to figure out how people find me beautiful. I am trying to find myself. These poems I write, help me through so much even if they aren't the best. I don't write them for the world, I write my poems to help myself get through tough shit.  

Life is not kind to people like me but throughout my hard life, I have become strong and continue to become stronger with the help and love of my family. I have two gay parents my mama and papa who are both males. They are amazing parents and have shown me love that my biological parents never have.

My Reading List

Wait by spacecadet
Neo-Woulf: The Dark Seduction by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
the dark dare by crimsin (Unveiling)
"Side effects may include" by StruggleFreePotery (StruggleFreePoetry)

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