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Attack Ships On Fire Off The Shoulder Of Orion

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Alan Moore, Hannu Rajaniemi, Warren Ellis, Gordon White, Lois McMaster Bujold, Jherek Carnelian

Her hair is wet dreams and  
former national moustache  
Jack Chick's mouth in the  
western world. The Nutjobs  
are false. In the uploads  
on my tongue lies the  
Skydome Axis Terrorism  
Entrance. Its action is its  
data, ready to understand.  
Rent-boy flashing residential  
pecs. Gates, place holders.  
Engagement forever.  
National fakes in the face of.  
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     Hello! Yes, this is a signal, from earlier. Later than I think, you say? Hmm. It is just as well, looking for it over all this time, to think, think, is it about the journey? (Is it?)  Maybe. Mostly he horse-swoggle. Of course, the mind-horse swoggles just to be known. To interface with, to understand. To sing Babelfish.
     In addition, always dreaming a poetry there, commandered to be Glog. As if it were true. Everything here is so many times chopped, as you may  have noticed,  perhaps believing . . . believing itself to be.  Just as life is a translation and/or boot-loaded, then over-written three times as many each and every night. Made manifest, written down separately. Accumulated files to maintain. This volume.  
      It's pretty chill. In addition, in case you find me singing words like artifacts out of things, don't worry, it's of no matter. Just roof cargo.  It's not like the heart asks an absurd answer just to be read. Yes, I do. Well, no. Maybe.


wet roads before and after,
damp lips faraj rama-rama,

errata in the data.
dreams are attached.

later monday,
menggeleding into pulp misprint