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Poet Introduction

My abstract form is in order with a conclusion.  To create a Positive egoccentric circle you have to match a negative with a negative. .I am indigenous but something happened, commercialism crashed. The End.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Terry Pratchette

About Me

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Hello group i'm just collecting poems of my own and appreciate the ideas you bring to mind. I'M a gentle person can be funny if you think so, but its true I am looking for a colourful copper sink. If you find the actual website "COpper Gypsy SInk"" can you bookmark it and send it to my email. I'm JUts sick and tired of the same old sink.
I hope you all have fun and enjoy yourselves.

My Reading List

The Boy From Waspik by Carpe_Noctem
A Dull Sigh by Robert_Poe (Benjamin Derr)
CPW by kmaaay (KMAY)
Poetic Tree by Robert_Poe (Benjamin Derr)

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