Image for the poem  .. Satan .... FIFA .. Burn ..

.. Satan .... FIFA .. Burn ..

Why wants FIFA Union and anything seeks? ..

Processing stadium "Maracana" for the World Cup turf stadium Barcelona
Do you remember all the final .. I know what's going through you.

White Girl
Of the state's population
And richest cissexual in Union deems appropriate to create a page titled
                     "Feminists, social network"
Which seeks to tarnish the image of the movement that has been building and overcoming the barriers. Makes deliberately ironic that discriminate on the basis of sex and patriarchal society, as if feminists were mad, hysterical and exaggerated.
Nothing contained in this new perspective, which is tactile revised classic masculine society.

But something still surprises me:

Description of the page, the words
                 "Nothing against real feminism"
Springs to my perception. Of course, but that person clearly never discuss this issue, and even feel overwhelmed by being immersed in a world of privilege room, tell us what is the real feminist?
Claim theory, bears the words social and political is such and Sam ignorance rather than intellectual dishonesty.

At the same time, appears in the schedule my fellow college screaming against comrades who participated in the real-time images "Maracana" and protests in favor of ordinary Indians

Who were expelled from their land for the construction of the 2014 World Cup finals.

The brief said that we, men and women from the big city, we should be concerned with Bolivia trapped in slave labor, sewing for big brands such as Zara or Marisa, and not with the Indians, and a distant reality.

This time, exposed historical contradiction not only dishonest, and reflects an implicit suggestion.

Choose one topic, and stand him. Because, of course, the struggle to Indians keeps you in complete being in favor of freedom of Bolivians, did not you know?

                   (Alarm activation of irony, please)

Again, here is a fallacy. Who chooses when and why is the individual military, steeped in his time. Easily say who holds the honor proves little when you try to silence the oppressed.

Still on this subject, I must remind procession Ronaldo Fraga. Steel wool on the head models, mostly white, and for Dresser, our tribute to blacks. Blacks do not like this honor. Blacks feel offended and they have a license for that, because everyone has, and minorities is no different.

But Marie Claire magazine does not like black people do not treat it as an act of greeting to repeat visually crime heard at all stages of life. The magazine, with its audience of the white middle class, solve the defense of Fraga. Then publishes movement black - movement struggles, achievements and victories - dozed during all those years that were white models on platforms. As if that was good on the podium with bril in limasse hair though they are there, and how are all fighting for that can occupy spaces blacks only white before (including fashion!) Were not in progress for decades and guess what: Now!

This is the reality: We do not know the military. We do not exist.
Because ridiculed minority
                    "True revolutionaries."
 Why not just disagree, refute not only on the level of ideas. Do not be mocked or hurt the feelings of the necessary, it is necessary to ridicule.

Because it is not sufficient to prove contradictory arguments and considerations. Should be decided by what, when, and who can defend something.

Review bother structures.
Stir in the status quo leaves pride in an uproar. But my solace comes in

Thinking: the quality of this data is transient, such as

Privileges: passes, and returns only a little historical knowledge to make them lie and reduce them to powder.

We, women, blacks, Indians and distinct look for the world without privileges, still fighting. Because no one decides for anyone and do not miss the opportunity to quote Beauvoir:

 "Nothing in the group. That nothing in this topic. That freedom is the essence of our own."

Why wants FIFA Union and anything seeks? ..
For me I know a lot about you and know your goals since the 13th century AD ..

And how much you need a lot of energy for the growth of the devil, which will begin to address all of your members. With joy devil, of course ..

Citizen living in obscurity like you know me .. But victory is mine. You are soon in the grip of the devil ..
More confident I know .. You expired, such as what makes new mapping on the ground in each final .. Satan ..
Satan swell and become giants now
all 4 years .. Excellent
Written by CrazyPenisPoet  
Wait to you all .. FIFA .. Burn ..
Written by CrazyPenisPoet
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