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So Tasty

There is no addiction greater to me than eating pussy. Tracing my tongue from your warm sweet tasting mouth down your beautiful naked body, teasing your thighs and ending at the clitoris, your pleasure center. Freshly shaven pussy smells like water, looks smooth and feels soft as silk. I begin by softly kissing, sucking, talking dirty, and singing slow jams to your clit while gently massaging and tugging on your fatty sex organ. Sliding my tongue between them they look moist, glistening with tasty juices. The way I ravenously taste you becoming all consuming, sapping, slurping and smacking my lips on your thick juicy inner thighs; sliding my tongue up and down the back of your knees as wetness and hot air secretes from your ripened juicy cunt. Moaning in sweetness and whispering softly “got damn baby, fuck I feel so good,” I grab your breasts, squeezing them gentle while flicking my long fat tongue teasing your clit. I look up seeing your face filled with pleasures thoroughly enjoying the show. I love when you straddle my face and squat on my tongue like a cowgirl, riding your way into cunnilingus paradise making your pussy soil and wetter than the last time. To witness the intensity of acute convulsions of your beautiful jiggling breast and pulsating tummy while jettisoning a downpour of orgasms drenching me to my shear delight is overwhelmingly gratifying. I swear it looks warped like sun scorched asphalt as the escaping heat blurs my vision.                    
Eating pussy is something I take seriously, it is as serious to me as me needing oxygen to survive. You grab my head using only your fingers, my face fit snuggled against your pussy, your legs spread wide open enough for me to reach deep inside. Your labia covers my nose and mouth like a breathing apparatus. I submerge myself in your decadent scent. A mixture of raspberry and mango fizz. My mouth waters in anticipation to eat you from the back. You flow constantly, sweet tasting like confection pastry. You tilt your head back, your legs begin to tremble. I begin to lick rapidly similar to the sensation felt from your favorite bullet vibrators. But I feel so much better as the pressure of my tongue beats on your clitoris, licking light as a feather. My mouth wet with warmth softly rest on your hardened clitoris, my tongue licks over and around it, causing you to claw into my broad muscular shoulders. I slide two finger inside massaging your g-spot heightening the euphoric sensation as the climax builds; causing you to quake and quiver. The screaming sounds, sounds so erotic it wakes the neighbors.                          
I love feeling the softness of your hands caressing my face and head as you gaze intensely into my eyes whispering loudly, "OMG baby right there, you're sucking my clitoris soooo fucking good." Your body responds to the growing sensations as you whine your waist, squeezing your pelvic and buttocks hard. Your relaxed rhythmic breathing rapidly percolates into erratic panting. You begin to exhale sounds of great pleasures as your body shakes uncontrollably. Your brightly lit eyes falls back inside your eyelids and your back transfixes from flat to arched. I know your body so well my sweetness, I release my mouths grip. I wish you not to cum as yet. "Fuck I was right baby, screaming shiiiiit I was right there! I was about to nut so fucking hard on your tongue, oh gawd, hmmn" your eyes filled with crocodile tears while licking your lips wet and the intense sensitivity of your body becomes relaxed. Will you squirt for me? I said. "yes baby I'll do anything just teach me, please make me cum. Continuing I plant soft wet juicy kisses, long slow licks and mango peeling sucks on your chewable pussy lips. Licking inside you as you use your fingers to spread them apart. Your finger nails painted in hot pink coated with rainbow glitters perfectly befitting the erotic feast of cunnilingus foreplay. The climatic sensations building as you concentrates on the sensual sounds of sexiness. Sweet moans, whimpers and squeaks can't drown out my manly groaning and wet slurping sounds and it causes your brain to ignite.                
Hold it baby for as long as you can I shouted, "I don't think I can baby, this shit feels too good, I can't control the feeling." The veins in your forehead rises as if they were above the skin instead of underneath. The increasing blood flow reddens your face. Yes you can baby! and indeed you did. Holding and reveling in the apex of elevated intoxicating felicity for three seconds then pushing out with all your might. The stiffness and wobbling of your entire body is simultaneously accompanied by the release of ejaculatory chemicals, a rapturous mixture consisting of serotonin, nitric oxide, norepinephrine, oxytocin, and vasopressin. A secondary gushing explosion releases prolactin causing you to kick your shaking legs like a frog on its back in water squeezing hard against my ears. The suction cup sensation thrills me as I watch you muster every bit of orgasm left to squirt out, experiencing the ultimate satisfaction. Your punany beautifully sauteed in spicy sweet and tangy tasting saucy melanin liquid licorice, I consume all of it. A creamy frothy mixture of sweet sticky nectar and essence of honey steadily flows onto my tongue and into my mouth. I push my tongue far inside you, wiping your sugary walls never missing a spot. I taste every where and I am filled. Amazing how you turned twenty three seconds of blissful pleasures, into thirty seconds of mind blowing ecstasy. Feeling incredible you profess to me "dam babe I've never seen stars before." I replied, told you I'd give you the stars with the universe in waiting.                          
I lay my head in your lap as our eyes closes, our fingers interlocked becoming slaves to the sweetness of passions, never yearning for release, never wanting freedom.
Written by thewatcher33
Published | Edited 24th Oct 2021
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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