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yellow fluff glowing in an early morning light
I make my usual commute to the garden
merrily on my way to another day of work
visiting our beautiful flowers
and bringing back pollen to the office
to make sweet and golden honey from
on this particular day I chanced going left
where instinct normally takes me right
my small brain bids me so, firmly
and my body turns almost without volition
carrying me towards the cool and shady forest
My brethren call out to me, but when I ignore
they simply continue on their way
duty calling them to the roses
I don't know why I have such a strong compulsion
almost as if pulled by a string
and I travel deeper into the leafy green
past an oak, far from my usual surroundings

Finally, weary from such a long flight
my mind brings me to my honed location
and I am filled with surprise and wonder
standing before me are the most beautiful flowers
tall and vibrant, with broad petals
and a cloyingly sweet scent unknown to my feelers
Such beauty pulls me in for a taste
and I am delighted by the flavor of the pollen
rich and exotic, full of spice and mystery
I decide to bring this back with me
but the great yellow orb in the sky is sinking
and I am too exhausted and cold to fly

Suddenly scared, I take sanctuary
in the center of one of these majestic flowers
for the first time alone and homesick
missing the busy hive and doubting my actions
I eventually fall into a light sleep
waking every hour or so,
the sounds of the forest frightening
wishing for the comfort of home

When morning finally comes
it is with such relief that I am still alive
despite fear and chill, everything alright
I regain my excitement at the arousing scent
the flowers still beautiful and intoxicating
and gather up as much pollen as I can,
carrying it along the trail of hormones I left
hoping that when I got back to the hive
my little adventure would be forgiven
due to the amazing discovery I have made
Written by AlwaysCaliban (Caliban)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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