(get missing) it's always 2pm...

Itís always 2pm when I get missing
reverberating through my core
in breathlessness
and up my throat
my old breath exhaling in air vomit

And I donít know why time decided
that 2pm was the time to die a small death
or why the inhale hurts more
than breathing pure daylight into my lungs
complete with hues of blue and roaming white clouds

Itís always raining on the inside
smiles like answering machine messages
everyone gets the same one
ďHi, itís meÖ
my soulís not on this phone lineĒ

ĎCause itís always 2pm when I get missing
and it seems unfair that the air
wants to give me new breath
when the sky sings blue
without the stars about to wish upon

And I wish that I could change
stand still in a present world
without moon rocks beating against my ribs
cold and hard and lonely in an internal sky of black

It was 2am on a Tuesday night
when I gave sir Luna my bruised and bleeding heart
and he gave me his stony face to wear
thatís never fully lit all the way around
like my Mona Lisa half-smile

Itís always 2pm when I get missing
12 hours since I fell asleep on a rain cloud
and woke up in another dream without a friend
Ďcause we donít keep the same hours
on opposite sides of this mirrored sky

Itís always 2pm
and today, I forgot again
how to breathe

© Indie Adams 2013
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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