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Fall of a Princess

Poor lonesome girl with no one beside her  
 Dead in her mind and totally blind    
 Fear arises and takes control    
 Alone and cold to the bone    
 Like ice to her inner core    
 Sitting on her throne    
 She opened her eyes    
 As she breathed she could see the frost her breath made    
 and realized just how empty was her space    
 She was alone and prone to nonexistent place    
 Utterly sad and crying frozen tears    
her pale expressionless face    
 Blood runs from my dark lonely heart    
 I've been alone and apart from the world    
for so long all she hears is her heartbeat  
playing it's broken song    
 Over thinking    
 Tired of waiting    
 Blood seeps from her eyes    
 As imaginary daggers pierce her soul    
 Feeling dead inside but,    
 Trapped having to show an image of the living    
 Falling apart piece by piece    
 Bit by bit    
 She has been used for so long her mind is weary dark and dreary    
 Completely imperfect…In a seemingly perfect world    
 This loneliness a feeling never to escape    
 Cursed to walk this earth alone    
 Her beloved Prince was taken long ago    
 Feeling out of place she dose not belong    
 There is no escape    
 Cloaked in black lace cape    
 Crowned with thorns    
 Blackened soul    
 Destined to dwell in the sewers of hell    
 Until her dying day    
 Down on bended knee in hope    
that it will be today her end is near    
 Tired, cold and utterly alone and confused    
 Heart torn in two    
 Body bruised black and blue    
 Not recognizing truth from false anymore    
 This lonesome and empty feeling    
Heavy burdens have taken their toll    
 she can no longer bear    
 She just wants it to all to end    
 No more dose she care    
 Life or death, she can not tell the difference     
 To herself she does swear and grabs her sword    
 no more pain the time has come to end all    
 Oh how the mighty fall
Written by darkestdesires
Published | Edited 22nd Nov 2013
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