its my life

Do you see her scars?
Do you hear what they call that poor girl?
Do you have any clue what those names are doing to her?

She sits alone in her bedroom,
Fretting about going to school that day,
It’s where it happens
Where she gets bullied

She feels insecure,
She feels alone,
She has no one,
Her mum died, her dad left her at 2.

She gets bullied for it.
For being an orphan
For living with foster parents
She feels nothing

She doesn’t deserve to be bullied
She tries to fit in,
She only wants friends
But she’s left with no one

Those six hours of school are tourure
She walks to school
Sits alone
And hides

She hides from the monsters
She hides from the bullies
She hides from the world
And she hides from her self

She hides behind her hoodie,
She hides behind her jeans
Her body full of scars,
Hoping no one will ever see.

She sticks to the outsides of the school
Because she’s afraid to be pushed down the stairs
She sticks to the outside of the school
Because she’s afraid to be bullied by everyone

It would hit 3 o’clock
Shed run home crying,
And hide in her room
And begin to cut

shed wonder if anyone would care
would they be upset
or would they think “FINALLY SHES GONE!”

She spends all her time in her room thinking
“Why me, why do they have to bully me”
She doesn’t think she has worth

Many weeks have gone by…
And she is still getting bullied
She is still being called names
She’s still being pushes down the stairs.

She finally thought
“That’s it, I’ve had enough!”
“I’m not giving up”
“It’s my time to become strong”
“I’ve had it with everyone treating me like nothing”

The next day she sought help.
From the principal, the guidance councillor
And all the teachers

She didn’t get bullied all day.
It was good until someone said
“Only dibby dobbers wear nappies”
She turned around and said
“Does it look like I care, seriously?
I’ve been bullied for too long
And I’m sick of it
I should’ve reported it years ago
But now, you can leave me alone
And grow up.
You have your own life get out of mine!”

She turns around really happy
She finally stuck up for herself

And to this day,
She hasn’t been bullied.

Written by frostbitten (alice in the real world)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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