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All Hail Caligula †

I rape little children, corrupting their innocence †  
caressing their soft, young skin †  
playthings for my amusement, indulging my desires †  
I make them squeal with pleasure †  
† †
Human mouths I use as toilets, squatting down at my feet † †  
my warm stream to be swallowed † †
licking me clean after defecating, before cutting out their tongues † † † †
† †
I hold endless banquets of gluttony and passion † † † † †  
feasting on my wife before tasting other supple delicacies † †
all the while my sisters kneel under the table, taking turns on me † †
orgies of bizarre sex, masses of twisted, grotesque positions †  
my wife in the middle sampled by many, my smile grows at the sight †  
for hours I defile my sisters and their husbands, before having them murdered †  
† †
I kill for the enjoyment †  
small cuts, made slowly over days †  
dying painfully, lingering forever †  
I make the families watch every moment †  
my laughter accompanies the pleads for death †  
† †
Heads on poles adorn my gardens †  
tortured expressions still fresh on the faces †  
the mouths tender and ripe to sodomize † †
as breakfast is savored between thrusts †  
† †
I declare myself a living god, greater than Jupiter † †
a god of all gods worshiped by Rome † †
statues erected in my image proliferate the empire †  
Senators bow to me, their wives I violate savagely †  
sacrifices demanded, "throw everyone to the lionsí growls" †  
"Bound those who object, and rip out their eyes" †  
"Let them hate me as long as they fear me" †  
† †
Three months I suffered of unknown sickness †  
my brain now diseased, ravaged by mental illness †  
touched by the devil, Iíve plunged into madness † †
my parents brutally killed, my brothers exiled to die †  
a childhood of depravity and debauchery forced upon me †  
reared to be a viper for the Roman people †  
I am a victim of Romeís tyranny † †
† †
† †
† †
† †
The emperor has abolished all honest critiquing and friendly feedback. Worship is hereby decreed. †  
Written by Mourningcloak
Published | Edited 17th Apr 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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