What Became The Past

Who would've thought you could change in so little time
I thought we stole eachotheer hearts like the simplest crime

Damn, they say good things don't last.
We was perfection now perfect is perfectly in the past

We was good, but then yu started trippin yo.
Cole was right, ya I love you flipped like reciprocals

I'm not here for the fame and the glory
There's always two so I'm telling my side of the story

The real one. It's hard to tell which one you were. Real dumb.

So, let me start from the get.
I was cautious about u and u said ud never let

Me get hurt, especially by you
I realized this very moment it was all lies. Boo

You was so sweet and so real and so charming ,
The fact that you changed ifound so alarming

I wasted a year, of my time with you
I was so deep in love , I'd even commit a crime with you

Bonnie and Clyde. You took away my love you took away my pride
Took away my innocence and only fed me lies
Couldn't even wipe my tears when over you I would cry.

I was your ride or die. Now I ride for myself
Buy for myself , die for myself.
Fuck a heartless nigga detrimental to my health

You had a side chick, you had a mistress
Was only here to hit this
I got a hit list
I hope you witness
This nigga got me all worked up like fitness

I don't need this, I don't need stress
My hearts beating out my chest
In cardiac arrest

Yu said you'd never go, you said you never leave
Ya flow changed for a scroat, who think she wifey, please

Why do dirty ya wife?
The one that stayed by your side how you gon do me trife
My love for you was bigger than life
And you destroyed me, cut me like a knife.

The time I spent on you , was pointless
You left me numb, can't feel a thing , I'm joint less

But in the mean time I'm on the road to recovery
I don't got time for niggas to be pulling the fuckery

Oh, so now you wanna break hearts ?
I was ya healer, ya savior, ya brave heart

I took ya bullshit,and your attitude
I hope my presence no longer there can give you gratitude

And in the end, for my broken heart I hope your grateful
Shit that you do is wat makes bitches so hateful
I was loyal, I was faithful , I was true.  you realized late though
Written by Careless_Linda (t2_Careless)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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