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Image for the poem HOW DARE HE !!


"How dare he!"
How dare he even think to send something like that
to me!

Damn near 'bout made me curse
And what's even worse
to even think that I would be
interested in something so damned perverse........

.......the nerve of him

She glances across the noisy, crowded cafe'
Her eyes cast a stare my way
that fills the room like the scent
of a sensual, subtle enchanting perfume.

(Her mind deep in thought,
She recants to herself once more.....)

"How dare he!!!!!
Wagging that big, beautiful brown piece of....
Damn, right in front of me...... a dog on a crimson leash.
The way that it moves inside his big hands,
strokin' it....mmmmmmm
Makes me want to drop
right down to my knees..... see this "beautiful piece" up close and personal
wrap my lips around it and feel it grow
The scent and taste of this "helluva fine ass man"
He's as smooth and satisfying as a tall flute filled with
a fine, smooth merlot.......Oooooooooo

Oh.... My..... God! My panties are so damned wet!
"This girl is on Fiyah...."
The Mississippi delta is 'bout
to crest its luscious banks..........
tightly, I squeeze my supple thighs.

Flushed with a fever
Blue tear drops falling
His big dick throbs
I feel my nature calling

My face against a cool white wall
Skirt pulled up high, his body pressed
against my back
That thick brown meat stick in between my quivering thighs
His body humpin' me. He's on the attack

Every thrust teases some part of my tender, female flesh
love bites all over my shoulders, wondering what target he's
gonna' hit next
Mmmmmmm.......what a cocksman, I know he can really throw that "D"

Oh my goodness, there it is.
I feel the first prick of that
9 inch dick....

Gettin' all up in me,
givin' me the best that he's got
I sigh and and I moan......
.......damn it's so HOTT!

I'm burning up!

I can feel our wet flesh slapping
Moving to the rhythm of his beat
Ohhhhhhhh.....he's fuckin' me so damned hard
Each thrust lifts me right off my feet.......

"Tonight is the night
That you make me a woman mmm...
You said you'll be gentle with me
And I hope you will

I'm nervous and I'm tremblin'
Waitin' for you to walk in
I'm tryin' hard to relax
But I just can't keep still......."

Whew, I've lost all control
"Right Here" in a very public place.
The maitre'd ask "are you allright mademoiselle?"
I wipe the sweat from my brow
and the erotic tears from my flushed face....

.......he smiles.

My knees are weak and my thighs are quivering
Oh how that little vignette has affected me
I struggle to pull myself together
I shake my head.......

" dare he."

Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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