My Love Story

How should i start this?
in the beginning when i knew
knew there was something about her that made so much bliss
Or should i skip to Saturday?
when i was walking out the door
and she was begging me to stay.
Maybe I'll start from the lies
when everything blew up
and i swore i was gonna die
I'll start from the begging it only seems fair
I'll tell you this first my friends,
i really do care.

You see it started with love
her mom moved her to Ohio
but i swear to god she must have fell from above.
she was perfect, amazing, my type of girl
that's where is started, me falling head over heels
every time i saw her i felt like i had to hurl.
i walked up to her with shaking legs
and told her i liked her,
god i was afraid.
but when she smiled my heart went wild
i knew she was the one for me
even with all her style

well see, this is where it gets fun
we fell in love real hard after that
we talked about everything under the sun.
it was bliss
it was nice
than we had our first kiss
my heart pounding against my chest
as i inch closer to her
trying to do my very best
finally my lips touched hers

and everything went white

god! the feeling, i knew i was addicted
i barely even knew her
and i was standing in my room conflicted
i don't have the time or space time to tell your all that happened
I'll tell you this my love for her only grew
until i learned it was never true


cuts me down to the the core
I cried for days
Someone even called her a whore
that's when i snapped
started screaming at night
it was like a giant slap
now what do you want?
for me to say i killed her
she began to haunt
in my mind, in my dream
of course she's still around
she's one of the main themes

i want her

to ask how many times a day i think about her
so i can tell her once
because she never really left my mind
she's still my best friend now
or until she moves away
i don;t know when that will happen, all i can do is pray
of course I'm still in love
she's what I've been waiting for
she's my white dove
i love her so much i swear i do
but i know someday a guy will come
than i will be threw

friends forever

that's what i plan to be
to stand by her day and night
until someone takes her away from me
she holds my heart
she knows she does
but at least I've done my part
she knows she the key
i don't know if i should smiled because were friends
or cry because that is all we'll ever be

at night

i go to bed wishing she was here
to wrap my arms around her
to hide form all my fear
i know I'll never have her
she isn't mine to take
she's so innocent and pure
my rhyme is almost done
i know it has been long
hasn't it hon?
did i say anything to upset you?
i really hope not
you know I'm always stuck to you, even if my heart is blue
I'm sitting in my room
waiting for you to call or text
i expect one very soon
I'm gonna go to bed now, I've had to much to do
but when i lay my head down my last thought will always be the same
"please honey, please remember how much i love you"

Written by TheHatter
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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