that evening, a memory made

We met online,
as so many do, these days.

While there was respect,
at first,
it was quickly joined by lust.

Of an age we were,
in search of,
when we found each other.

An attraction,
based on words,
not appearance --
not face,
height or weight;
shared experiences in the world around us,
lost opportunities,
mine different from hers,
and, yet, strangely, min many ways, the same;
those missed opportunities,
we also shared, (sadly).

We first met face-to-face in the airport,
as so many do these days.

I flew to her,
she "picked me up" there.

The attraction was real,
in her eyes,
I saw,
the same "something",
she seemed to have found,
looking into my eyes,
or so she said,
with a smile.
A smile that was,
so much better than a word.

We met in her car,
she drove,
as many do these days.

Her wrap skirt exposed her leg,
ankle to thigh,
I put my hand on her knee,
spoke gently,
my thoughts.

As she drove,
her hand covered mine,
and moved it up her leg,
under her skirt.
That spoke her thoughts to me,
better than words.

At the stop light,
our lips met,
as happens for so many these days.

And again our lips met,
as she parked before her home.

As she turned to me,
my hand met,
her panties,
or would have,
if there had been panties,
for them to meet.

Our eyes me,
and held,
fixed on each others eyes,
as the door to her home swung open.

With the door closing behind us,
our hands met,
each other's,
in embrace,
as our mouths joined,
and our tongues danced.

While one of my hands held her close,
breast to breast,
the other hand,
explored down,
gripped her butt cheek,
pulling her hips tightly against

One of her hands,
held my head so that
my mouth was locked against hers;
while her other hand,
gripped my butt cheek,
just as mine gripped hers.

As our mouths momentarily parted,
she whispered,
"I want you undressed,
but I don't want to let go of you."

Her skirt,
allowed my hand to move,
from gripping her butt though the fabric,
to siding up under it,
gripping her far more intimately.

in response to my hand caressing her,
her mouth forcefully reclaimed mine;
her hand worked its way between us,
to unfasten my belt.

A moments necessary separation of our hips,
allowed my pants to pool around my feet.

As my hand unfastened the catch on her skirt,
she raised her leg,
her foot coming easily out of her shoe.

Before she could lower her leg,
my hand gripped under her thigh,
and pulled myself against her.

She grabbed my shirt and pulled it,
none too gently,
over my head and off,
allowing it to fall at our feet on the floor.

While her leg was wrapped around my hips,
holding us together,
I pulled her sweater over her head,
dropped it on the floor on top of my shirt.

Standing, embracing, kissing each other,
still separated by bra on her,
and briefs on me,
our eyes met.

As she smiled,
still with her leg holding our hips together,
my clothing encased cock against her cunt,
she reached behind her back,
almost shyly,
removed her bra.

Kissing her,
I reached down
to unwind her leg from around my hips,
to remove my briefs.

As my hand touched her leg,
her eyes locked on mine,
she said,
"No. Let me. Please."

Still with her eyes locked on mine,
one of her hands caressed its way down my back,
the other pinched/played with my nipples,
slid down my abdomen;
the one around back,
caressed my butt,
while the one in front,
found my
very erect dick,

Her eyes left their lock on mine,
traveled down my body,
fixed on the glistening drop of wetness,
on the tip of my cock,
showing from between her gripping fingers.

Her eyes glanced back up at me,
she licked her lips,
and knelt down;
taking me into her mouth,
while her hands,
slid my briefs down my legs,
and removed shoes, socks, pants,
finally briefs ,
leaving me standing completely bare,
fully in her mouth.

It was several moments,
while my hands I held her head there,
while her mouth and tongue worked wonders there,
while I began to tremble there,
and elsewhere --read that as everywhere,
before she stopped;
again looked up at me,
picked a hair out of her mouth,
and said,
"It is my turn or, maybe, your turn,
depends on how you view it."
And led me to her bedroom.

As she sat down on the bed,
I said,
"It is my turn AND your turn.
Now lie back and let us see how wide
you can spread those gorgeous legs."

Now it is an unfair fact of nature,
that women can cum many times in rather quick
succession while men are forced to
separate their moments of pleasure
by many minutes and often much more.

Knowing this,
I did not hesitate to
and nibble
her clit, lips, and more;
guided by her hands gripping the back of my head;
until she rewarded my efforts with:
and a flood of liquid;
which was my signal,
to introduce my throbbing swollen cock,
into her now well moistened and lubricated cunt.

As I entered into her,
her eyes widened,
then squinted,
her mouth first tightened,
then wildly-widely opened,
in imitation of her cunt widening to accept my cock,
her head tilted back,
a moan (or was it a groan?)
started to rise from deep within her,
her chest arched upward,
raising her swollen and erect nipples,
just as my mouth was there to suckle-nibble them,
in as far as I could go,
I pressed even further,
her hands found my ass,
tried to pull me in still deeper,
we held that first deep connection,
for several moments,
in the glow and glory,
of that ultimate first instance
of perfect intimacy.

As that first long, slow, deep entry changed,
into an equally long, slow withdrawal,
my mouth moved to hers,
and as my tongue touched hers,
my second thrust began,
not slowly,
but hungrily,
-- violently.

She ripped her mouth away from mine,
just long enough to gasp,
from deep within her soul,
"Ahhhhah, Fuck me.
Fuck me like you've never fucked anyone before.
Like you will never fuck anyone ever again.
Fuck me, hard.
Fuck me, fast.
Fuck me, deep.
Fuck me.
Fuck me.
Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck me."
It was almost a growl;
animal like;
accompanied by tears.

And it moved me to do exactly that,
many, many driving,
-- painful,
each to its maximum depth,
and more,
slamming pelvis to pelvis;,
followed by a grinding twist,
of genital into genital;
pelvic bone against clit;
rhythmic, violent fucking,
legs wrapping around legs;
butt gripping hands;
mouths locking and tongues caressing;
sweat covering bodies;
thrusting, pushing, pumping;
nearly groaning;
one on top,
then the other;
nails blooding backs and butts;
until finally;
with a grunt/growl of painfully pleasurable release,
of all I had with in me;
aided by her scream of painfully pleasurable release,
of hip bucking contractions,
(nearly convolutions)
milking more from me than I thought I had;
out of me and into her;
and within her rapture,
she flowed out around me,
soaking the bed.

Even then we did not (could not?) release each other;
but stayed wrapped, entwined about each other,
I still in her,
although, not so engorged,
but still enough erect to stay within her,
as she clenched and released,
keeping my cock inside her cunt,
where I certainly wanted it to be,
and where it was clear she wanted it to stay.

As her cunt held, squeezed and released my cock within her,
I moved gently, just slightly in and out of her;
she softly,
kissed me,
hugged me tightly against her,
and rolled over on her back,
so that I was again on top of her.

As I continued to move tenderly,
within her;
as she continued to massage my cock,
with the actions of her cunt;
as I slightly stiffened,
her breathing began to quicken.

It was only minutes until,
her body began to tremble and shiver,
then writhe and quiver,
as I continued to move within her,
only slightly stiffening,
(alas, not ejaculating),
stimulating her,
to a different sort of,
rolling, undulating,
waves of pleasure.
of her third orgasmic climax.

That evening was,
a memory made,
not to be forgotten,
an opportunity not lost,
but grabbed and help tightly;
it was the "something",
an intimate communion;
that had been missing in our lives;
now found.
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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