Will You?

Will you come paint with me?
No, not with a paint brush or paper
but with words.
Let everything that has been hiding in your mind out, and put it onto a screen.
Letting colors and everything bleed from your fingers and your mind into shades of purple, blue or silver.

But of course, that would be 'wrong' wouldn't it?
Be against the normal rhythm of things.
Oh, heaven forbid anyone push that envelope until it breaks.
Bursts into a thousand peaces and than color each peace a different color,
but how dare anyone do that.
Make poems that don't rhyme.
Colors that don't exactly go together.
Love that doesn't break your heart.
Music that only has one beat.

See, some of those things don't seem so bad do they?
i don't think so.
But what do i know?
I'm just a teenager,
I'm to young to know about this.
To have thoughts that run so deep i can't fall asleep at night.
who am i to say whats right and what's wrong?

But than again who are other people to say that?
To say they're better than the rest of us and tell us what to do.
I don't know, i don't want trouble
I don't want an uprising or anything
Picket signs that read 'down with the government! it's all their fault!'
it's not.
It's not their fault, were just looking for someone to blame, an escape.

We all need one, i have one, but unfortunately she doesn't always answer her phone, shocking i know.
Letting someone else be my escape, risky, yes.
very risky.
I know someday she will leave.
Go to college and get married and i will cry when that day comes.
But for right now, i paint.

I paint my words and try not to think about her, about us.
or about what almost was.
For right now, this is my escape.
My breaking of the envelope we live in,
my picket fence.
So i ask again,
i would be honored if you were to join me,
it gets lonely being half mad.
escape into bliss with others.
will you comes paint with me?
Written by TheHatter
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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