crazy beautiful

Be my crazy beautiful
with deceased nest eggs in your bloodied hair
untamed by the winds of tomorrows tornado

Weíre alive, but cracked inside
the yolks of our souls swirling through our veins
filling our hearts with pus
until we bleed nothing but yellow

Iíve been giving myself away since the dawning of my afterbirth
slithered from my motherís womb
why should you be any different
with your lily scarred skin and part-me thighs
weíll always have dead eye smiles for the boys

Social rejects on the fringes of reality
Iíll never be as crazy as your wire-crossed mind
high on the inconsistencies of dopamine
and lack of regularly injected serotonin

Bible paper rolls the best joints
Iíve been smoking Exodus for a long time
inhaling the slow burning stories
trying to sweat the paranoia
back out through my summer burnt skin

Youíre a Revelation
a head full of fire gearing up for the end of days
in a tin foil hat
while Iím chasing down the shadow people in the walls
demanding answers to questions Iíve not yet articulated

The end wonít come with horses and braided skin corpses
my ear strung necklace as deaf and blind
as decapitated heads in a barrel of cider
earlessly unhearing, unable to scream
much like us, gagged and drugged in a marsh mellow padded room

Be my crazy beautiful
with deceased nest eggs in your bloodied hair
untamed by the winds of tomorrows tornado

Let the weight fill your anorexic face
so we can say it was worth the wait
with a Valium to calm away the fear

Sanity never strays too far
when weíve got a Seroquel dog leash
to reel us back in
and away from the adventures
only the living abyss can bring

I want to say
...They were never worth it anyway

© Indie Adams 2013
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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