two sides(dedicated to S.E)

I'd give you the world in a phrase because I can't do it physically, and hope that when you sleep all your dreams turn real, this is my word and all I've ever had since birth, so if its cursed may angels guide the path you go, I'm just a lonely soul forever living long eternities, glad with my solitude but occasionally, there's nothing like the company of death when life you just wanna forget, bless, I'm speaking from the soul, she hurts me so bad I gotta vent in art form until my hearts gone and I'm back to being a cold heartless bastard, slipping in faces I can't even call them masks no more I'm just faceless but you accept that and it makes it worse confusing a god is not a funny joke, but I stay calm amongst your presence, wondering why your company feels so pleasant, is this another lesson, or is this reality

And I'm still out here wondering, how could she make me doubt pondering on lifeless dreams of god children how? I bet that bastards laughing now, but I'm still here standing shook hard tho my mind still clear, I still feel her thought near, no I'm not scared, her presence soothes mine here but that's what I most fear, you see I'm nothing like the ordinary, but the fact that you know that without knowing is extraordinary, simple but so carefully crafted that's how I describe your vibration overcoming mines at times, you'd be surprised to know how quick a thought can last in just a second, then no body notices and everything is normal nothing changed but the frame of time now I'm back to where I started, only a second passed and that's what hurts hardest ill be allright still, I'm used to lifes hardness that's why I'm cold inside yet you seem to be a candle light.

This was written to "forgotten love" by redhooknoodles on youtube....if anyone cares.
Written by Eternalparadox (Vance)
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