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Don't worry, my sister is a heavy sleeper.

My younger sisters best friend  
has always had a huge crush on
me, and when she was
over, she would follow  
me around, like a  
love-sick puppy.  
Growing up, she has  
always been shy,
and bit awkward,which
isn't necessarily
a bad thing. I
kinda have a thing  
for quiet girls.  
One weekend,
her parents are  
out of town, so  
she decides to spend
the weekend at our place,
on account she doesn't like  
being alone in that empty old house.
After an evening of games,
her and my sister
both go to sleep, and
I'm left feeling rather  
While Laying in my
bed contemplating, I
"My sister is a heavy sleeper."
Without a second to spare,
I go to her room, and make
my way toward her friends
side of the bed.  
On her back, with
her legs slightly
parted, she sleeps
somberly, wearing
very little  
the covers.  
I place a hand  
on the nape of
her neck, and plant  
a soft kiss
on her luscious  
Her eyes flicker,
and she jolts.  
"What are you doing?"  
"Shhh, don't wake my sister."
Pulling her close, while sliding
my hands up her back, she offers
her mouth and I take it.  
Lips merging,  
tongues stroking,  
then tangling,  
in instinctive  
I crawl into bed  
with her, and I can
feel her warmth, as  
my chiseled body presses
against her.  
My sister doesn't stir.  
Hands shape  
her body, the lush  
curves of her breast,
the indentation of
her waist, and the  
flare of her hips,
while these lips  
devour her every  
last breath.  
Taking her in,
she bats her eyelashes,  
and softly moans.
"Take off my panties."
I draw the lace down
with my teeth, freeing  
the cloth from her  
legs, I tease her thighs
and buttocks with my lips.
I can hear her gasp. The
evocative sound gives me
total encouragement.  
Her fingers, now laced
in my hair, pull me close
to her, as I cruise my lips
over the small but firm  
mounds her breasts. I begin
to circle, then settle my mouth
over the furled nipple. I draw
the tight bud into my mouth, and
begin to suck firmly.
She raises her hips,  
spreads her legs
a little further,  
and pulls
me in. I begin  
to ride her  
slowly, sucking  
on her nipples,
and fingering  
her clit, she lies  
helpless and
bound by me.
Her repressed cries become  
more intense, as I throw her
legs over my shoulder, now  
hitting the spot that melts
her insides.
Thrusting a little harder,  
I pull her in close and kiss her,  
swallowing the screams that  
would wake my sister, as I
continue to finger that clit.
Bucking her hips and squeezing
her thighs, she begins to shatter.
Feeling her light spasms, I don't
let up, but rather, I  
remain persistent.  
Digging her claws into  
my back, her climax takes
me right then and there.  
Every ounce of lust fills
her to the very brim. Her  
relentless spams squeeze whatever
drop is left in me.  
I fall into her.
Hands intertwined and feeling rather  
exhausted, we both bask in each  
others warm embrace, until  
I decide to get dressed and
return to my bedroom.
On her second night
here, she retires
to bed with my sister,
and just before she slips  
under the covers,
she sends me a naughty
text message...
"Round two??;)"  
Written by Blake25
Published | Edited 25th Jan 2013
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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