Chapter 1: Abandoned.

       *I felt bad after leaving her on the edge of the street, but to abandon her would only help the situation in the near future. She was completely capable of taking care of herself, and i would only slow her down in the end. I could tell she only felt as an embarrassment to the world around her, but soon she would realize she was much more than that. I did tho leave her in a place it would be hard to be found; foreign lands painted with graffiti. Her idol was from a place like this; her brother(Jacob). He never gave a spec of judgement to her. On occasion he would tho tell her to do better in a harsh way; tho it was legibly shown that it was only in fear of her not being prepared. *

     'How could she leave me like this? Cold, and alone. I don't even know where i am. She acts like it is some sort of privilege to be under her care.'
     *I can only wish she will realize she has so much more than most would think.*

     "Here you go Catherine special delivery!"      

     'How would He know I was Catherine? just take it he obviously knows something. Whats this? A pamphlet for that recipe show Dina, and I went to? It has writing on the back'

"Dear Catherine,
     I am deeply sorry for the unnecessary harsh manner you were handled in on your way to where you are. I now realize that my boys are unnecessarily cut out for handling such A lady in calm matters. as an apology I am giving you an address of someone you might want to see.
         Remember to smile Missy!, love Dina.

5237 Maybery Drive (apartment 8)"

     'The mailman maybe he can..'
     "Wait sir come back! I won't ask you how you know Dina! Please!"

* I hope she is okay. I can't go back tho. She needs to realize that all this is. Is a game. Shes the last level; The one everyone wants to beat. She can't let them win.*

     ' There that girl! She has to be 10 or 11. Old enough to know the streets, but young enough to trust.'

     "Do you know where Maybery Drive is by chance?"

     "Yes I do. Do you want me to show you?"
     "Honestly. I'd rather have instructions on how to get there."
"I don't know how to tell you. Just come on"

     'I can only let her get so close to those apartments she can't follow me all the way. That only makes it where i have to protect her to. i can't let her be in danger; It only makes more work for me'

     "That's Maybery right there, Which house are you going to?"
      "I have it from here; thank you"

'Just walk. Watch for her following. There's the apartments'

     * I just hope she realizes to stay alone, trust no one, identify herself to no one.*

     'the door is a raspberry color while the rest have been a peach. how odd...'

     'This boy must be 16 or 17; A tad older than me.'

     "Why am i here?"

     "Well your slightly demanding for information."

     "You learn to be that way"

     '~Remember to smile Missy ~ That's what Dina's letter had said'

     "So you must be Catherine?"

     " My name is an insignificant detail in this conversation"
     "Feisty as a kitten."
     "Talk in simile much?"
     "Only when i am trying to distract someone"
     'About that time he pulled a bat from behind the door, and went to swing. I ducked he then hit the young girl who had showed me how to get here. Who turned out to be his younger sister. I then kicked the bat from his hands, and it slid down the hall we got into a short fight mostly of Japanese style fighting, And i now suppose it resulted in me getting knocked out which is why i am now in a hospital bed eating a sandwich.'

     "When will you learn to always have a weapon before hand. Statistics show the one with the weapon always wins you know"
     'Is that My brothers voice?'


*****To Be continued?*****

(PLEASE ADVISE: I had no intention of writing this i just started writing so its not very planed out at all please tell me what you think i am debating on finishing or not.)
Written by hopelesssmile (Ivy Ann)
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