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Excuse me  while I pleasure myself to your panties

Knock, knock, knock    
Door opens, and out comes my favorite customer.      
"Hi, Blake, it's so good to have you guys back."      
"The pleasure is mine. What would you like me to do?"      
"Well, last time, you did the 800 sq. ft special."      
"I'll get right on that."      
She leads me to the bedroom, wearing      
her usual mini skirt, and six-inch heels,      
while her brunette curls bounce elegantly      
upon her shoulders.      
"I'll let you get to it. If you need me,      
I'll be out by the pool."      
She leaves, and I'm left with      
the realization that the only      
action I'll ever get from her is      
leaving love stains on her      
favorite panties.      
Upon completion, I make      
my way to her top dresser      
My favorite part.      
I pick out the pair      
that she always wears.      
I know this, for I can      
always see them, when      
she bends over.      
I take the cherry-red      
thong in one hand, and      
begin to sniff, my fat      
cock throbbing      
to it's scent.      
I unzip my jeans, and      
flip out my hard-on.      
The thought of      
getting caught      
gets me even    
harder and    
I slowly rub my dripping      
wet tip along the seams,      
leaving a trail of hot      
The thought of her      
wearing these heavily-      
soaked panties gets      
me so turned on, I      
wrap them around my      
fully engorged cock,      
and begin to stroke,      
picking up speed, while      
trying not to make too      
much of a ruckus.      
After about five minutes      
or so, my fat load shoots      
inside her silk. Some of      
it even falls onto the      
Thinking I'm in the clear,      
I Feel a tap on my shoulder.      
I jolt and let out a scream.      
To my surprise,      
she is standing      
behind me with a      
puzzled look on her face...      
"What the fuck are you doing?!"      
"I was... um... I..."      
"Were you jacking off?"      
"No, I was... Um..."      
"You don't have to lie to me."      
"I wasn't jacking off. Ah, ha."      
"Are those my panties?"      
"Um, yes..."      
"You freak, put those back!"      
"I... I... I'm really sorry."      
"It's all over my fucking floor!"      
"I'm so, so, so sorry."      
"Now you gotta return the favor."      
"Return the favor?"      
"Did I stutter?"      
She slides down her panties,      
without removing her heels,      
or her shirt, and props      
herself onto the chair      
beside her bed.      
She looks at me, while      
her lips form that deviant      
"Get on your knees and eat      
my fucking pussy."      
Not wanting to go against      
her wishes, I make my way      
closer, slowly spreading      
her legs, she slides her      
ass closer, giving me      
easy access to her nice      
piece of fuck cherry      
"I prefer direct stimulation.      
Please and thank you."      
Keeping that in mind,      
I begin to kiss and lick up      
and down her inner thigh, making      
my way down to her feet. Pleasure      
starts to fill her, as she throws      
her head back, quitely giggling      
and softly moaning.      
"Mmm, stop teasing and do your job."      
Doing as I'm told, I stick      
my tongue inside her pussy,      
getting it wet for lubrication.      
I then use two fingers to pull      
apart her lips, and      
my other finger to pull back the      
skin, revealing her engorged      
ball of need. I lick slowly,      
gradually picking up speed,      
as she wraps her heels around      
my back, and begins to pull      
my hair, the palm of my      
hand now bearing down on      
her pelvis.      
She starts to ascend      
to her climax, as I      
insert one finger, then      
two, intensifying her      
Doing the come-here      
motion, while      
sucking on her clit,      
she wildly      
bucks her hips, and      
cry's out...      
"Oh, my God, right there, right there!"      
Getting oh so close,      
I go a little harder,        
causing her to arch      
her back and...      
She cums hard inside my mouth.      
Unable to stop convulsing, as      
my mouth remains fixated on      
her clit, sending her over the edge even      
When all pleasure ceases,      
she is able to catch her breath,      
and regain her composure.      
"The money is on the counter, and      
I'll be sure to tell your boss what a      
great job you did."      
She gets up, kisses me      
on the lips, slides on      
the assaulted      
panties, and      
walks away.        
Written by Blake25
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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