Rah Thoughts.... Of a super hero

Wrapped tight...
is the light
that resides
my mind...
As my thoughts
take flight
I find ways
to bend sun rays
and back stroke through time
all things
full of angst
and frustrating...
cause I..
am STILL an incognito
super hero
on the sly...
I don't scale
tall buildings
in a single bound...
But when it comes to
negative spiritual energy...
See ...
I'm a dream scape
escape artist...
though demons try there
I use the power
bestowed in me
to set my inner most
gifts free...
I...was considered weak
from my humble beginnings
but now...Im the star player
on my team ...
and I do extra innings
all so souls filled with light
can start winning...
I have seen the universe's
Dark Matter and I've
witnessed how it infiltrates
then obliterates the minds
of those lost to fate...
I walk the astral planes
unseen by most...
I chair meetings of the minds
then dissapear like a ghost
I send My astral body
to spirits in distress...
I send the light into those
whose souls are depressed...
Then... I help those...
who seem to be vexed
I lift curses off the ones
who I see have been hexed...
I send silent prayers up
at dawn and dusk....
So Creator sends me strength
to do the things I must
I speak directly
into the future...
and I put seals on the past...
So that I can heal
in the here and now
and create talismen
that will last....
I am an incognito super hero
tainted and stained....
But on my post I stand...
and here...
I shall remain
Written by Firebyrd
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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