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Rape Date

Working so late alone in your office    
the price of success is too risky      
leaving you isolated and so helpless      
dangling up there on success's ladder      
For you see it's just the two of us tonight      
you with your fancy degrees and corner office        
I with my brute strength and most violent lust      
but there's no doubt which one of us will win      
As I enter your office and close the door I smile      
you are back to the door hypnotized by spreadsheets      
wearing little white earphones playing Chris Issac      
so you don't hear me pull the curtains closed tightly      
Slowly I close in on you my sexy unwary prey      
watching your ponytail swish as you turn your head      
adoring the pretty white blouse and tight navy skirt      
but stopping to stroke my chin when I see your high heels      
"What a wicked game to play ... to make me feel this way"      
you sing so softly honey-sweet as if you know I'm watching      
thus igniting my animal passion overcoming my fear      
nostrils flare as I take in several deep breaths ...      
Seizing your scrunchied mane I yank your head back      
you scream with arms flailing wildly as you are bent      
legs shuffle and kick making such a desperate ruckus      
the spasm frenzy ceases with my icy blade on your neck      
With sobbing shaking submission you follow my evil lead      
standing up slowly from your chair and face the desk      
leaning in smotheringly close I smell your hair and sigh      
then I pull out the earphones that betrayed you one by one      
Reaching around I feel you up gentle at first then rough      
knowing that you only pretend to be so lady like      
then without warning I rip the silky blouse open      
a shower of buttons hits the desk like pelting hail        
You bring your arms up start to cradle your tits      
till cold steel down the length of your arm chills      
allowing me to focus on the remaining lacy inconvenience        
I slice it apart making the secretive Victoria now weep        
You join Vicki's wailing again as your body begins to quiver        
my hands clutch your pillowy breasts as I kiss your head        
pushing you forward with my chin while I overarch you        
I resume my criminal foreplay nipples plucked and pinched        
"Please ... stop ... you're hurting me ..." you plead        
my left hand ascends clamping your pretty lips sealed        
while the right resumes my cruel affection with more vigor        
I feel a waterfall of tears wash down over my gagging hand        
Chuckling to myself about how men don't understand foreplay        
I step in between your shaky legs then start to pry you open        
pushing back you resist and desperately start to rise up        
my hands reposition lightning quick around your neck crushing        
After a minute or so of useless struggle you relent again        
leaning back against me as your body becomes so limp        
my fingers ease and then release as you quaff in air        
with total dominance I bend you forward with both hands        
Supporting yourself on your elbows you cough up and breath        
now becoming my pretty little marionette no strings required        
as I force your legs apart you sink down slutily into position        
allowing me to tear apart your last silken defenses flossingly        
Hiking up your skirt I pause for a moment enjoying the view        
I savor the prize like a lion before he devours his fresh kill        
then spanking your cheeks while I command "SPREAD WIDER BITCH"        
all resistance stomped and defeated you comply with a whimper        
At last I unleash myself, my wicked lust, my raging NEED        
pillaging your plump pink gates with a wild viking's vengeance        
I skewer you mercilessly lifting you up off your heels with each lunge        
knocking over all the mementoes on your desk to include my picture        
Unfettering your golden hair, you toss it fully backwards        
I am awash in the long satiny shower and our raping bliss        
matching me thrust for thrust we are sexed synchronicity        
cuming together then my heavy weight collapsing onto you        
We stay there linked and conjoined feeling each other's heart        
savoring the moment, recalling the fantasy, a drift in love        
I move my hands out, lay them on top of yours, fingers entwine        
then I kiss you my love on the side of your tear soaked and mascara stained cheek
Written by LeColonel
Published | Edited 16th Jan 2013
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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