The Conscience Of Words

If money didn't exist we'd be better equipped to handle relationships
And none of this shit that we deal with like still living in an area of poverty would be real to begin with
So as I still sit  
Sick to my stomach searching for a spiritual lift from the pit that I've fallen in  
Sifting through real dreams and hopes that I've held onto so fondly
I feel the weight of the world responding and falling on me
What happened to bonding?  
To understanding our long lived history of longing to stay grounded and conscious
Notice the gap that has long spawned in  
A severe case of amnesia that our species has been diagnosed with and belongs in
Why cant we believe in things that seem so unreal and surreal but in fact they appeal to our inner frequencies still?
Its almost like we've been beaten over the head so many times that we are brain dead so we look for truth sitting in our living rooms staring at a screen and a cube
And pardon me for spilling the truth cause I don't mean to be rude but I'm just tired of witnessing these repetitive cycles passed down to our youths
If the children are the future,
then why do we use the same principles and tactics unto them that brought you here?
Why do we encourage them to study so in turn they earn money and if they are failing we just treat them like dummies?
We have fallen victim to the system and its sickening cause they dictate how you live the rest of your lives they restrain you all like prisoners
But everyday we tune into fox news and keep listening
Justin Beiber gets all the views while struggling musicians keeps hustling
People go hungry everyday while movie stars forget what trouble is
Unless you are Lindsey Lohan then ofcourse trouble pays all your rent
And lets not leave drugs out of the big equation
Penalizing marijuana users while alcoholics sit with place mats
Coke and dope appear so they arrest minorities their racist
But all drugs are strategically placed by the government so they arent traced back
And don't you all dare get sick on me cause you gotta endure this
You can't afford to fall ill now especially with no insurance
And if you've paid that company then live with this decision
Cause they wont pay your bills off cause you had a pre existing condition
And it doesnt really matter what city or state you're falling in
It doesnt matter what age, race, sex, short or if you're tall and thin
This reality is a facade know that this wall you're taller than  
So we can overcome these obstacles a change is coming invite a friend

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Written by Enigma_Cruz
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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