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New encounter

"Do you like girls?  
Well me too"  
She whispered in my ear as she grabbed my hand before I could give a reply  
She led me to a room  
Dark but candle lit  
She said "I know you might be shy, I can tell this is your first time"  
I nodded as I held onto her hand and she guided me  
She pushed me down onto the chair  
Bit me lip then said "stay here "  
I obeyed, as I looked around the room  
I noticed, whip cream, strawberries, chocolate, lubricant, toys, all the things needed for pleasure  
She came back in a naught black outfit heels, a whip and handcuffs  
She stood me up and pressed me against the wall roughly, demanding  
Showing me who was in charge  
She stripped off my clothes then pushed me back on the bed  
She climbed on top of me
Pulled my hair and kissed my lips  
She told me "turn over"  
And I did as she said  
She poured oil on my back and ass and massaged it onto me  
She then grabbed her whip spanked my as and pulled my hair forcing me in a arched position  
As I moaned and screamed lightly  
Again she spank me, each time a little harder  
And each time I became a little more excited  
She pushed me into the pillow and I turned over  
Ready to experience something new  
Her hand ran across my thighs as She opened my legs  
Then I pulled her hair sucked on her neck then released her  
She grinned at me a sexy devilish grin  
I sent my fingers down my body to rub my throbbing clit and she smacked them away and said "ah ah naughty girl"  
She knelt down between my legs and gave me a lick,  
"Almost ready she said"  
She reached over to the nightstand and I watched as she reached for the vibrator and turned it on  
My pussy muscles clenched and for a second I didnt wanna play this game cuz I know I was in for a tease  
She put the vibrator gently against my clit  
Mmmm I moaned as I grabbed the sheets and jilted my hips upward  
She pushed my back down and grabbed the cuffs, cuffed my hands  
"Patience "she said
But my body was ready and going wild  
I was like a cat in heat  
She then slid the vibrated between my legs at the entrance of my pussy and let it play there, I began to pump my hips again and she push me back down  
Then sucked my neck  
Encircled my nipples with her tongue while still holding the vibratory against my pussy  
I clenched at the handcuffs  
Then she kissed me,  
"You're ready now"  
She uncuffed me  
Grabbed the chocolate and poured it right below my navel  
Licked it and I quivered  
She then stuck her tongue inside me  
Pleasing me orally,  
And I wanted more  
As I pulled her hair  
She then stopped and said  
"My turn"  
I looked with a little confusion  
She climbed up me kissed my lips then stooped in front of my face and told me to eat  
I was hesitant as I looked up at her pussy  
She nudged my head and said it again  
"Eat!" As she drew her pussy closer  
Then I though hell why not  
And did again as she told me  
I licked up and down, up and down  
Flicked my tongue in and out  
Swirled around her clit  
Then began the process again but backwards  
I heard her muffles and surprisingly it excited me  
I dove my face deeper into her pussy  
I was getting the hang of it now  
It was my turn to show her who was in charge and I did  
Once she climaxed she got down off of me kissed me lips then asked "so how was your first time" while smiling  
Written by Scorpionay
Published | Edited 8th Jan 2013
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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