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Fifty Shades of Me in You

In a bed that's fifty
shades of dark
and blue
lies only
me in

Black being the night
I dominate you,
and blue being
the morning
I taste and
savor your

Free from all
and free from all
intruding thoughts,
my eyes remain
locked on yours,
as you lay on
top of me.

I run my fingers
through your hair,
getting out all
the tangles, then
scratching your scalp,
while watching you
squirm and breath
heavily on my neck,
tantalizing my every
last nerve, and causing
my fat girth to slide up
your inner thigh.

I can still see
the welt marks
on your ass
from the night
before, and some
of the pain
still remains,
though it fades as
each burning kiss
slowly melts you,
like your  favorite
chocolate on a
hot summer day.

From behind, I climb on top
and plant a deep kiss
on the nape of your neck,
while this chiseled body
bears down on you.

Tasting the soft skin up along
the side of your back
makes my dick hot for you, for
you can feel it's contractions
at the entrance of your soaked
layers, teasing you til you can
no longer stand.

That's when you push onto me, my fat girth
filling you to the very brim. You begin
to buck wildly, as I pull
your hair and talk
dirty to you...

"I love being inside you."

With the vibration of these
words upon your ear, you give
way, and your release pours over
me in the form of hot molten lust.

Without losing my
composure, I fuck
you hard and without
any remorse,
your tight

Your ass pushes
against me, and
your loud screams
of pleasure give me
confirmation to fuck
you even harder, leaving
you no other choice,
but to helplessly pull
at the sheets, and
enjoy this sensational
ride from hell.

At the end of my final blow,
your sensation takes me
right then and there,
and my hot lust
explodes into you,
making your third
wave even better than
the first.

Your body shakes
and trembles,
as I hold you
close, allowing
you to gain a
of what just

Not wanting to come
down from such an
exhilarating high,
we remain suspended
in  each others ecstasy,
in hopes this moment
shall never pass.

My body on your body,
there's no place I'd
rather be than
in a bed with
me in you,
making love
in fifty shades
of dark and blue.
Written by Blake25
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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