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Stalking Marla

Day after day I follow you †
I know where you go I know what you do †
I run with you jogging and I breathe in your sweat †
Recalling the morning when we first could have met †
I watch from the trees when you get undressed †
So innocent once but now Iím obsessed †
I know that you sense that thereís something wrong †
I strongly suspect youíve known all along †
Each afternoon I send you flowers †
I pluck the petals to count the hours †
Until such a time when weíre face to face †
Just you and me in that violent place †
I call you all night just to keep you awake †
I send you pictures of you that I take †
I hang dead rabbits onto your front door †
Gifts of affection drip down to the floor †
You canít cross the street without looking behind †
Searching for someone whoís inside your mind †
You run to your car when you leave your work †
A dark parking lot where my footsteps lurk †
I lie in my bed pretending youíre here †
Gazing into those eyes that I most revere †
There are pictures of you that cover my wall †
And I feel myself as I touch them all †
I fill up the air I flow everywhere †
Wherever you are Iíll always be there †
Iíll burn down your house and kill all your friends †
Your family will grieve when this story ends †
Itís not about lust I chase for the thrill †
Controlling your life by breaking your will †
I canít fight these urges I wonít stop the hunt †
Marla forgive me I must have what I want †
You cry and you tremble unable to sleep †
Jumping a mile at the slightest peep †
Terror is waiting right under your bed †
Realityís worse when itís all in your head †
You lock all the doors but still I get in †
And with it the nightmares of where I have been †
I rove through your bedroom and smell all your clothes †
I leave on your pillow a single black rose †
It gives me such pleasure to know that you hurt †
To see how you suffer and treat you like dirt †
I knew when I saw you I picked the right one †
Stalking you Marla has been so much fun †
I crawl through the window on a shadowless night †
I step like a panther and stay out of sight †
Downstairs thereís a noise but youíre too scared to check †
Itís only your cat I strung up by its neck †
Iíve waited so long for this perfect day †
To make you all mine to have you my way †
The petals are counted the hour is near †
Marla I whisper your stalker is here †
Your sanity questions can it be what you think †
Youíre not sure what you see but you canít even blink †
Scream for me Marla scream til you cry †
Til whatís left of you just wants to die †
So how will this end should I let you choose †
In heaven weíll watch our deaths on the news †
I'll keep coming back but you wonít know when †
To haunt you forever again and again †
Someday you will sleep all safe and alone †
No longer afraid of what is unknown †
Still you may wonder if you were just dreaming †
But when your eyes open you will start screaming
Written by Mourningcloak
Published | Edited 30th Jun 2015
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