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May I cum inside?

It's during the midnight hour,            
and after sipping on              
a double-vodka cranberry,              
my babysitter slides into              
my parents bed,              
wearing nothing              
but a tank top and              
She curls              
up into a ball,              
and sleeps somberly              
on her side.              
Me being much younger              
doesn't stop me from              
crawling into bed with              
her. Drawing closer,              
I can already feel her              
warmth, and as I begin              
to slowly caress her hip,              
her ass simultaneously              
slides into me.              
I'm at full attention now.              
Her soft skin, and the smell              
of her hair causes my          
heart to skip a beat,          
and the goosebumps on          
the back of my neck          
become more pronounced.               
Slowly but surely, my             
hand slides up her              
shirt, and the heat from the              
pit of her stomach is now              
smoldering hot to the              
very core.                
She begins to bat her              
eyelashes, as each passing              
caress burns like fire on the tips              
of my fingers. Soft moans of pleasure              
give me confirmation to proceed further,              
as I start to kiss on the side of her neck.              
Head arches back, and her fingers are now               
pulling my hair.              
My body aches for her, and              
she knows this, for she can feel              
my fat girth in between her              
warm cheeks.              
Having had enough teasing,              
she slides my hand down              
her soaked panties and guides me to              
to the spot that makes her toes curl.              
Hand-on-hand, she's teaching me              
how to please her.              
I can  feel              
her ball of              
hot need              
swell underneath              
my touch, as she              
slides  her shirt up, and              
forces me to feed on her              
tastie rose buds.              
Both her hands are bearing down              
on me, as she continues to moan              
and buck her hips, refusing              
to let me up for air, for she              
is getting oh so close.              
Remaining persistent, she squeezes              
her thighs, arches her back, and              
literally pulls my hair out. This    
pain brings me unlimited      
amounts of pleasure.        
And just when I think she's finished,              
she pushes my hand back down              
and says,              
"Keep doing what I showed you."              
Without hesitation,              
I continue the motion,              
picking up speed, as she is on her              
second wave of ecstasy. Thrusting              
uncontrollably, her ever ceasing grip              
forces me to remain fixated on              
her inflated bussoms, and with              
a loud scream, she spasms out              
of control, expelling hot juices              
from her urethra. A puddle of cum              
now rests in between her legs,              
and with one quick movement,              
she starts              
licking the              
juices off my              
She pulls me on top              
and begins to kiss me,              
while her twitching thighs              
wrap tightly around my waist.              
Between a warm embrace and a soft              
kiss on the lips, she tells              
me what we've both been              
yearning for,              
"You may cum Inside now."                
Written by Blake25
Published | Edited 31st Dec 2012
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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