Another day dies to night and with it a part of me rots away. Heart break, pain, and sorrow write the story of every day. As I walk upstairs for the millionth time I feel heavy hearted and light headed, life is not okay since Iím fading into the darkness of my mind and being eaten alive again. My flesh is turning black and only maggots are attracted to me. I hurt everyday and numb the pain by bleeding any way. I just want to sleep and never awake, as soon as I hear the Lullaby again.

The Lullaby flows like rivers more clear than a crystal cave, but I canít remember itís beauty in every way because my mindís so murky from the tears clouding my eyes and making me bleed all day. Now that itís night I canít sleep because the words that were once my dreams have now become Stars so far away, twinkling and blinking, winkling and linking in the blackness of space- drowned by the light of the Moonís dark face.

Under the Star-Moon harmony above the bed I lay, I swallow what will be the last of me, and the Milky Way shows me what lies in the Heavens and Hells for me when I awake from my eternal sleep. The words of the Lullaby are translated from the brail in the sky that is darker than the eye of my soul dying alive.

Through the warm air I hear the Crickets and Owl in harmony, melody of the Lullaby that now begins to flood my veins and consume me. My breathing slows and pulse dies as I sink further into the ominous harmonizing melodies between Stars and Moon, Crickets and Owl- parts of the Lullaby.

The sky begins to blur and fade to a vivid array of colors, none gray- I no longer see the gray that has stained my eyes since that day blood ran parallel to my veins. Tears overwhelm me as the beautiful harmonies between nature and life spin me faster and faster as I indulge in the colorful array. I feel the Lullaby take her hands and close my eyes, kissing me goodbye and watching me finally sleep. The Lullaby, my beautiful eulogy.
Written by Death_comes_for_al (No Name)
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