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I let in a stranger who came through my window (Egoist and Blake 25)

Our gaze meets, and I  
got you where I want you.    
I move closer, and with a pull to    
the hips, you lunge forward, and fall    
helplessly into my grasp.    
Playing the part of a scared woman,    
I know that's what you really want,    
but inside my heart is racing in    
With one hand on the small    
of your back, I run my fingers    
through your hair, and kiss you    
deeply and forcefully.    
My cock yearns for you,    
for I know you can feel    
it through the front of your    
Your kiss stings my lips and your    
erection makes me throb, but I    
give you what you want to hear,    
a gentle cry of, "No, please    
don't do this."    
I'm sure you can peer into my    
eyes and see my lust...    
Your whimpering doesn't    
faze me. With a quick    
pull of the hair, I kiss you    
up and down the side of your neck.    
The feeling of your    
hardened nipples makes    
me want to take you right then and there...    
One quick movement, and you're    
in my arms and I'm laying you on    
your kitchen table. Your low    
moans give me confirmation to    
proceed further. Who would    
have thought that you would be letting    
a stranger in?    
The cruel dominance is a rush through    
my veins as I wrap my legs about your    
waist, wanting you to get closer,    
move into me. I want it so bad.    
Keep yanking my hair and being cruel    
because it's just turning me on more.    
I spread your legs farther, and    
I can tell that you love it when I slap    
your ass. You squirm as I    
savor your tits.    
Off comes the panties,    
and out comes the leather restraints--    
one-by-one. Watching you buck and    
moan makes my dick hot for you.    
Being tied up and against the table is    
such a rush as I bite down on a ball    
gag you put in my mouth.    
It all feels so good, it's so hot,    
I'm dripping out through my panties    
and I can see the hunger in your    
eyes as you continue to grope    
me here and there, your want    
fuels mine.    
Looking at you, you appear    
to be bound like a helpless    
animal. The teasing doesn't    
cease. I insert a finger into your sex, while    
continuing to devour your breast, with    
occasional kisses on the side of your neck.    
My finger goes deeper, until it hits that certain spot.    
Your body twitches and spasms as my fingers begin to work    
magic within your walls.    
My mouth moves to the cliterious,    
I suck firmly.    
I am shaking and writhing like prey    
caught in a trap, my body and my willpower    
all lays crumbled at your feet.    
It all feels too good, and my body is    
spasming with the pleasure as you suck    
and finger fuck me, leaving my heart racing    
and fire pumping in my veins.    
I'm so close, I'm so close.    
I'm going to shatter.    
Remaining persistent,    
your walls clench my fingers    
like an iron grip, spasming    
uncontrollably. You see stars.    
I see my helpless victim waiting    
to be impaled.    
Without a second to spare, My    
body mounts yours and you      
feel my girth at the    
entrance of your    
soaked layers.    
I grunt against the mouthful of plastic    
that the gag has caused, tugging against    
my restraints to be able to yank on your    
hair in my appreciation, to touch the body    
of the man abusing me so cruelly but bringing    
me so much pleasure.    
Your penetration causes me to arch in pleasure    
and throw my head back, you push into me so hard    
it's shaking the table beneath my body, your    
bruising my insides but it's so good.    
Again and again, I thrust violently, and    
without any remorse. Hand on your    
lower back, I pull you close and thrust deep    
within your tight cunt. Your eyes    
say it all. I can feel it coming again.    
My orgasm is swift and hot, making my tight    
body ever tighter. Your cum shoots inside    
of me and it's so hot that I feel like it'll    
melt me from the inside out.    
I writhe in pleasure, I've been shattered.
Written by Blake25
Published | Edited 29th Jan 2013
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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