No, not here.

I want to get up,
run outside and,
dance in the streets
for the world to see
the joy I feel,
but you can't do that here.

I want to get out,
onto the balcony
and sing out loud
sing to the world,
share my burden,
but you can't do that here.

Have you ever felt so free,
as if you could do,
anything you wished ?
No, not here.
Can you proudly declare your beliefs,
advertise your religion, praise your God ?
No, not here.

'Cause you can't go for a stroll,
without being followed.
You can't wear what you want to wear,
without being scolded.
You can't speak the truth,
without being mocked,
and my friends,
its so sad that nobody,
nobody can live in this world,
without being trapped.

'Cause in this world we live in,
everyone must be the same,
the materialistic must over-rule,
purity is unacceptable,
individuality is destructive,
silence only means danger,
and God is forgotten
-by most of us.

Hypocrites we have become,
the world we speak of is not the world we live in.
So accustomed to this tragedy are we,
that we can see beauty in this snake,
that colis so tightly around us, painfully killing us.
No-one, sings of anything other than lust,
because we've lost Love,
and it's been lost for a very long time.

We're walking in circles,
looking for a Superman to save us,
but there's no such thing.
There's only us.
Only we can set ourselves free,
break the coils of that snake,
we've made our world.
Isn't anyone sick of this trap,
of 'Things We Can't Do' ?
We'll fight, and fight again
untiul we win the war,
and we can dance and sing all we like.

When feelings can be expressed,
teachings preached,
and beliefs believed.
The world will remember God,
and His mercy will fall upon us.
Purity will be revived,
hypocrisy diminished,
singing, dancing, praising,
and simplicity embraced.

Welcome to the 'World of Freedom'
we've cast every chain into a bonfire,
danger defeated by peace
has lifted our spirits higher.
This will be our story:
the fairytales for our children,
the beacon of hope for our young,
the motivation for our adults,
and the rememberance for our elderly.
Songs will be sung, this story will be told,
and passed through the generations,
of this simple resurrection,
this masked salvation.
Written by truth_is_freedom (Maria)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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