Chemtrail City

The sun so morbid, the clouds hide its fate
The man behind the curtain, begins to salivate
Chemtrails hang in the skies for days
Laced with barium, mans futile ways
With the stench of fear
and paranoid streets
Corruptions the needle, to whoever it meets
With fires that burn, from day to night
Engulfed in the madness, the people do fight
Charcoaled corpses, they sway in the breeze
Mutilated families they hang from the trees
A silent assassin, This virus of sorrow
Infecting the young,the generations of tommorrow
Riots and protests, ring across this land
Bull horns blazing as they stand hand in hand
Helicopter blades can be heard up above
The soldiers take aim no more white doves

His footsteps melt into the ground of this dark city
His eyes tell the story, his heart full of pity
Strangers of the night, with an eerie sense of silence
He hangs his head, but his fist raised in defiance
He bleeds upon the pavement, like a wounded slug
His breath it reeks of cider, for his grave it is dug
He carries his coffin, like a marked man of the night
Staggering like a drunken boxer, moving left moving right
Beads of sweat roll down his face, as his hands begin to shake
Salvation is what he prays for, but this is his fate
Surrounded by darkness he falls to the ground
Death has come knocking, his written words all around

On the parliament walls which bleed red
His words of protest, and this is what they said

When troubled times, come knocking at your door
When chemicals are calling, tempting you for more
When angels fall from grace and the darkness sets in
When peace is shattered and drowning in sin
When flowers decay, and honey bees dissapear
When hearts stop beating, and the streets are full of fear
When music is played, and can never be heard
When rivers stop flowing, and dreams become blurred
When brothers become strangers, and even sisters too
When injustice comes looking, and it beats you black and blue
When towns become rubble, and the innocent die
When you fight a losing battle and let sleeping dogs lie
When they manipulate the system, and crush you under there feet
When your marching to their orders and surrounded by deceit
When your countries flag, flies constantly at half mast
When your lifes like a movie, but the scenes they never last
When your fishing for a dream, but you just can't get a bite
When you struggle with the darkness, like a man with no sight
When are we gonna stand and fight?

He hides in the shadows, a smartly dressed man
He cleans his knife, wipes away the blood as best he can
A government agent, his mission now down
The end is near, reads the front page of the sun
His ghastly reflection, he moves like a ghost
Past his dead victim, which he stabbed and choked
He heads towards palianment past the media whores
To pass some legislation to stop them clutching at straws

Acid rain falls like machine gun fire
Thunder rumbles up above like A satanic choir
It washes away the blood and the tyrants sins
freedom of speech but evil always wins
He's a wolf in sheeps clothing
A shark in the water
She's walking down sinister street, a lamb to the slaughter
Her ipod plays some melancholy beats
The abatoir smells of rotten meats
Those dark clouds they gather in the apocalyptic sky
Strangers like failed chances, just past her by
He licks his lips like hanibal lector
He works for a company in the private sector
Suited and booted he's stalking his prey
fighting his urges to keep them at bay
With a symbol of peace and daises round her neck
The shots ring out as she hits the deck
If I can't have you then noone can
He screams with the smoking gun in his hands
She moves into the light as her life fades away
leaving the chemtrail city in complete disarray
Written by Tommytit
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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