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Control is an illusion, extolling confusion, bankrolls my absolution. Revolving my soul, evolving whole, pays my toll to a solution. Strolling slow, slipping prose with such elocution, a rabbit hole of convolution, barrel-rolling to avoid electrocution.

Herald my revolution as my field goal is execution. Console the heads of totem poles for the substitution of their constitution….       because St. Gutenberg left me his legacy and Machiavelli dropped the recipe for this Loki of Literati to unleash mutiny!

Less time comparing lives that will never be the same. Bless minds sharing and strive to weather change. Crest a rhyme staring at letters that rain…         …Shaking the game for blues when waking a brain lucid to quaking clean. Switching past cranial abuse to make the scene…

Maintaining sexual developments in jokes, raining unexpected elements to claim and provoke, no refraining what’s affected, so I was trained to get ahead of yokes…        

…no slave to the page, I’ll underline what I play while blundering through what I say, wondering while I slay…

…How many angles I’ll have to mangle to fenangle this brutish language…         …I use to step, balls-to-raw fanciful. Like Salsa dancing with manacles on my ankles!

...Handling the rhythm with the span of hidden vision. Unbidden this little verse wasn’t a riddle so what fits in first won’t make me choke.

Trained to get ahead of yokes. Bolder than a supernova…         ...from my shoulders the harness and its hoop is overthrown…         …colder than a black hole consuming comets when I roll fast and the whole of me finds room to be so honest…

Untethered from the folks who made me like the weathered yoke of slavery, better to know you created your own state of free…

Post-trauma scars cause most drama by far…         …mental chains in patterns rend focus. Intentions claimed appear in clenched, strained shattering hocus pocus curses, diverting the very purpose of action.

Blurting “Why is this so sure to happen?” Survivors who ride to cure keep trying…

But finding the same walls, sighing to resolve. Converting why-to-what like allure-to-passion. Deep giving when we keep living, reap what you fit in…         …time to stop and grow, finding every chop shows, divine glimpses that pop with a glow…  

…clever ways to set alight an everyday life. Whenever the fray gets too tight I get unrestrained and reign to fight.

Earning my name with every slice. Turning the stains into pearls, collected drops like turning the wet spot into a mural. To hide and surprise prying eyes who scope the canvas I handled with blacklight!

Yeeeah…            ...when I finally expire, you’ll know my finely desired tune to solve. Just zoom in on the sheets with Luminol!

Run a flow hidden under your nose with cum to show what fits in from blessing a missive, in bed with the Mistress and extend the energy of our synergy when my body extends the reverie of every naughty oddity popping quick in fantasy splits, rocking from the hips!

Streaming dreams seep into my scene, from the sweat-tracks of a succubus’s coccyx!

Plucking off it, touching the muscles tussled at the small of her back…         …rushing fast into me the bustle of all her tracks…         …gushing the wily mileage to bring like brushing violin strings…      

…in her every tendon that I’m sending lingering fingers intending to relieve the tension…         …just winging what I’m slinging!

But every slaying stream torn from daydreams born may have means to adorn…         …something more when these flows I blow are bunches of lore, not hunches implored. Each lesson I bless was invested in from test spins!

I crest and grin and crave to drop into a wave, but my best wins always pop from plays I never kept in store. Clever but even I don’t expect half of what passes from me anymore!

Whether it’s all vast stacks of records from before? Or lasting wrecks and chords from days of yore. If it wasn’t stars exploding from my mind’s war maybe it was borrowed from yours?
Written by LokiOfLiterati
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