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Knife Fucked

I wanna frighten your very existence

As I slice inside your delicate conscience

With a rusted blade of rotting parasitic poison

While I fucking deteriorate your sensitive little emotion

And I begin kissing you with acid stained lips

As you dig your filthy nails into my hips

Bleeding all the right moans with deadly precision

Until I fucking shred your flesh with my razors incision

And you trip out slamming me into the headboard

And I laugh reveling this is not about to be ignored

The fear in your eyes fuels my sinister desire

To fuck you after I set your disgusting corpse on fire

So I nail 12 inch spikes inside each of your palms

And you desperately cry for your methed out mom

But she can't hear you 'cause I sold her her fix

Baby quit squirming so I can show you a trick

Watch as skull fuck you're face against the wall

And break your ribs like some precious china doll

Until the veins I slit drench staining the floor

You still think I'm some sick demented fucking whore?!!

Remember that I'll always love you hun

I whisper sarcastically just before I am done

I only bludgeoned you because I know you really wanted me to

Spit in my fucking face because I really need this to continue

Oh what's that your still alive?

Do you really think ima let you survive?

Don't worry sweety I'm going to praise you with a parting gift

A fucking machete to your throat so I can watch your soul drift

And a pleasant little taste of your own blood on my hands

So I can watch you gag from what's festered inside your organs

I guess that's what happens when you ask if I'm a sadist..

I turn into that sexy murderous yet delightful rapist..
Written by kourtnissixxx
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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