Author's note: I feel compelled to state that I never condone rape.  A woman should be able to wear anything she wants without a guy thinking the clothes give him a license to violate her. This is more about my warped mind. Rest assured that even if I am thinking it, I am the last person to ACT out on my twisted meanings without consent.

In my little world there are meanings
for the wardrobe of a lady
But in case you get confused
no my name is not Slim Shady

Let's start with the shoes some women take so to heart
Hundreds they may have
even some with whom
They will never part

Now flats are safe in general
but a raised arch grabs the eye
Has me so thinking
what heaven is between those thighs?

The color also factors
darker or drab not quite the thing
A bright yellow, red or pink
like a bell that lust does sing

Now as for the color black
a tough one to attach meaning
Could just be for business
an executive with a powerful teaming

That area of the anatomy my biggest weakness
for you see with the legs quite easy in my book
stockings, pantyhose, or such leggings
always make me want to look

For just having hosiery on
sparks my desire oh so much
Even with an un noteable figure
triggers a longing to touch

Seamed stockings, runs, tears or fishnets
oh yes what do I see
That lass is ripe and ready
for a hot seductive plea

Now some may talk about the length of the dress
but more is to be said
Because a slit can also be revealing
in wanting her in my bed

So too is the fit
tight or more relaxed
Can the lines of undergarments be detected
femininity to the max

Who can not look at the booty
not only what is worn
But the way that it bounces
Closer baby let's make our own porn

But the biggest suggestion
is the eyes or the look
Inviting others to examine her
a closed or open book

For some women can simply look at you
and the mind goes to a naughty place
Having nothing to do with wardrobe
just wanting to share body space

More common is that expression
dude don't mess with me if you know what's best
'Cause if you get into it with me
without a doubt you will flunk this test

So really what I am saying is although
I won't respond with a domineering act
that my mind does record
what turns on or oils my tracks

Leads me thinking of that woman
when home and alone
May trigger a verse or two
or the guitar's rhythmic tone
Written by JAZZMANOR
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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