Dinner party

Invites sent out
Friends all attending
Little do they know
Of the game we're comprehending

Glassware sparkling
Cutlery placed with care
Our over sized table is all set
With good china everywhere

The night arrives
And the scene is set
Oh god hon
This night we won't forget

Guests all seated
Dinner is served
chatter between friends
Do I have the nerve...

Entree is served
Main course is next
Can't wait for it hon
Dessert is what I love the best

Dessert is served
My chair remains bare
Apologies given
For me not being there

You have been waiting all night
As guests tuck right on in
The clinking of spoons
Is my sign that I'm to begin

I unzip your pants 
And pull out your cock
I know that your ready
Your hard as a rock

I lick your shaft
And into my mouth hon you slip
I start the slow hard suck
I feel you tense up a bit

I am careful to be quiet
And not give our game away
I hope your keeping a passive face 
And your breathing will evenly stay

As your cock hits the back of my throat 
I try to swallow you down
I feel you shift in your chair
And hope my cover will not be blown

I start to suck you faster
careful not to hit my head
On the underside of our table
Being caught is what I dread

You are giving little thrusts
I know that you are near
But I really worry honey
How the hell can they not hear?

Oh honey you have never been 
Known for being the silent one
Maybe quieter at doing other things
But honey, never when you cum...

Then I slip my fingers in 
And massage your tight balls
I then rub your tight hole
And deep throat you shaft and all

I feel you clench and tighten
Then feel the first hot spurt
As it hits deep down my throat
So far down - It starts to hurt

I hear a little whimper
As I suck the last of your hot cum
Then I hear one of the guests
Say "you are looking a little flushed there hon"...

You clear your throat
As I lick you clean
And tuck your cock away
You say you feel a little hot
But the feeling should soon go away

As the last guest leaves
And you close the door
I appear from my hiding place
You help me out from under the table
With a huge smile upon your face

"As you have had desert my love,
How about entrée and main?"
"Sit up on the table and spread your legs"....
"Let me return the favor to you hon, the same"...

Can't wait for our next adventure! 
;-) xx
Written by Hotvixen069
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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