Routine and Socialist Standers, It's Overrated

It is often common for people to live their lives in organized routine.  
Waking in the soft hours of midmorning dew entranced with simple mindsets of how the days all seem to mold into one.  
Never breaking the safe cycle they so cautiously worked their whole lives to obtain, and possibly still have yet to attain.  
Satisfied with a stable, unconfrontational, living situation.  
The sheeples idea of the "American Dream".  
Never questioning the rules and regulations of ones superiors for it seems their lack of opinion and judgment has worked for them over the years so far.  
Following each and every law according to how corporate America thinks you should live your life appropriately.  
And it absolutely disgusts me that because these factors are evident for these people, they think it makes them better than most others.  
Those who sneer on the underclass because they never earned some form of degree or dropped out of school because of early pregnancy.  
Looking down on the individuals that work in some rundown resales shop just so they can earn the rent and maybe a pack of fucking cigarettes because it one of the only things they have any control over.  
I can't help but pity such a sheltered and obsolete existence..  
Since when does your position on the totem pole of hierarchy determine ones success in this boringly arranged fish bowl we call a life?  
It fills my mouth with poisonous vile to think that i could ever conform to the status of a blinded worker ant..  
But then there are those who are breaking free from the restraints of the normalities of everyday.
The rejects that are outcasted because they look beyond the medias of popular mainstream living.  
Questioning what's beyond the title of "moderate living" or "the modern family".  
Those who have the courage to speak out against the socialist expectations we as a people so ignorantly and willingly oblige to.  
For it is those that believe in the power of art and words that I so fondly respect.  
The poetic dreamers writing the truths so many are afraid to vocalize.
The canvas of questions an artist dares you ask.
The rebel pioneers paving their own trail to self fulfillment.  
And all the great song writers of any and all generations.  
I have great admiration for all who dare to imagine a world of infinite possibilities.  
Who aren't afraid to skip out on daily routine and discover their very own path without the insecuries of mainstream society looking down upon them.
Written by kourtnissixxx
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