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The Sixxx Girls

Blaring "Mercyful Fate" fate records and obsessing over how hot Zack is from "Goatwhore"
Drinking canned Bush beer and bitching about life 'cause they're bored
While sharing half a pack of smokes and switching between "Chicago" and "Repo! the Genetic Opera"
Just so they could skip school the next day and say fuck the orchestra
Smoking the last bowl of resin behind the party shack so dad wouldn't see
And gushing over who would fuck the shit outta Dani Filth sicker in teenage fantasy..

Three weirdo metal chicks from the Pasadena hood..
Three 666 tattoos forming a sisterhood..
These are The Sixxx girls..
When they were stil young..
This was The Sixxx..

B. was the death metal bitch with hair bleeeding scarlet
A hypnotic beauty with smart ass intellect to match it
The party chick everyone wanted to immerse themselves in
As well as the young lustful harlot harboring mischief within
Bewitching both men and women with dangerous seduction..
She was the devilish girl who thrived in the chaos of her own destruction..

Y. was the raven haired black metal queen straight out of an 80's music video
Gorgeous eyes completely caked in charcoal resembling an innocent baby doe
Yet still as completely sinister and cold hearted as a flesh eating crow..
Contradicting herself with a smile always plastered on her glossed lips though
And giggling at the rediculous thought of ever being tied down
She was the emotionless ice queen of love, with her only sex was found

C. was the paradox of a twisted dreamer adorned in lenghthy spiraled chocolate locks
Fascinated by deaths morbid beauty and a disfigured imagination completely unorthodox
Her face stuck behind a bong and a book living in a fictional delusion of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll
Shadowing in the depths of her own vile hated consumed with angry sole
And shunning corporate America's mainstream bullshit with her obscure penmanship
She was the mentalist rebelling against society and losing her grip

Three lost women from the slums of Pasadena..
Three 666 tattoos once formed a sisterhood..
These are The Sixxx girls..
But they are not so young anymore..
This is The Sixxx..

B. is the same crimson wild child seeking thrills in the night
Still transfixed in that ecstasy trip and revoking all her light
To blinded by tempting passion to see she's become her fucking mother
Suffocating in a titty bars life, will her son grow to love or despise her..
Just little miss wonder lust fucked up and always requiring excitement
Shes The Sixxx girl struggling with her addictions and to be a good parent

Y. is the same razor tounged vixen only loving when the moonshines
Yet she has been drowning in alcohol ever since Matt crashed and died..
Regretting the perfect relastionship she ignored and wondering why she never gave it a chance..
With the one man she will ever truly love while wallowing in the anguish of her late gothic romance..
So consumed and confused with human impulses that she's kept a dead bolt on for so long..
She is The Sixxx girl realizing that never feeling any emotion might have been wrong..

C. is the same narcissistic bitch analyzing the remains of her minds abyss
Charred away like the ashes of yesterdays bullshit encased in perpetual bliss
So lost between vulgar impurities and the desire to find joys in honest optimism
The true pessimist of a thousand great ideas burried in personal criticism
And resenting her tortured soul with the prestigious scars of an artist
She is The Sixxx girl learning that for a cynic, accepting reality is the hardest

Three desperate animas seeking personal enlightenment..
Three matching hand tattoos creating acceptance..
This is the beginning of the journey..
These are my sisters..
We are The Sixxx..
Written by kourtnissixxx
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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