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I Need a Cunt

I need a cunt that I can fuck
And I want bare titties too
A gal who fucks can bring good luck
And titties are so good to chew

An ass can be a lot of fun
And even if it’s tight as sin
My cock would fit well in that bun
And maybe an orgasm win

I know a gal who fits this need
When she gets bare with me in bed
She has a cunt just ripe with greed
And a hot mouth that gives good head

I guess it’s time for me to plead
To pull her bra and pants aside
To tell her of my pussy greed
And have her give my cock a ride

For she’s a cowgirl tried and true
She’s ridden many cocks astride
When she’s connected it’s like glue
She bounces up and down with pride

It is her clit that makes her day
Her cunt is just a helper here
The clit that makes a cock to spray
When her wet cunt is well in gear

Then there’s her mouth which she can guide
When her dear man has shot his load
For ore his cock her mouth will ride
And at his nuts her fingers goad

She wants a second fuck you see
She wants his pecker well prepared
Her sucking makes his cock agree
And make her cunt all it can be

And when I’m milked a second time
Her cervix now hot sprayed anew
Her kisses then will be sublime
And she’ll not need another screw

But we will linger there in bed
My hands around each luscious breast
Blonde hair about her lovely head
My cock between her cheeks does rest

Perhaps in time my prick will stir
And her nipples may rise in need
I’ll whisper that the cock’s for her
And that it should deep in her feed

I know that her cunts been well used
She tells me that her ass is there
Ass fucking she has nare refused
Into her ass my cock goes bare

It’s possible she may assgasm
My cock well fucks her bare ass twat
Her ass spincster now does spasm
She takes more semen thick and hot

With cunt and ass both now well fucked
And my cock now a limpid tool
And with her titties sucked and plucked
Peace and sleep time now will rule

Her bareness now a pleasant feel
Her skin and mine still flushed with lust
We have no qualms with which to deal
And my balls have no need to bust

For those who sleep will rise again
Rub their eyes and may even kiss
You know my prick would have a yen
And I would not her pussy miss

It took not long for lust to rise
She got upon her hands and knees
My stiffened cock would not surprise
“Fuck me darling, my cunt please”

I fingered well her lusty twat
Well stiffened cock, my nuts renewed
Her female vault was hot to trot
And waiting to be deep screwed

I tarried at her swollen sheath
She whispered loudly, “Fuck me NOW!”
Her nobbin clit would get relief
And then my prick began to plow

She soon was screaming, “Oh my God!”
Her G-spot did befriend my prick
She got all my bare stiffened rod
While praising my hard screwing dick

Since we had fucked the night before
I knew that we would fuck longer
I’d even spermed he dear back door
My semen spray might be stronger

This morning fuck took an hour
Our grunts and groans made quite a din
She’s no virgin to deflower
As my cock spewed my semen in

Her body flat upon the bed
I kissed her cunt and spread her cheeks
And then I gave her pussy head
I wish this could go on for weeks

How long should we lay in her bed
It feels too good to let her go
I’d like again her twat well fed
If only my limp cock would grow

If she stirs I’ll suck both her tits
And see if my nuts can rebound
My cock her cunt are perfect fits
Or in her ass so nice and round

I squeezed her breasts and she’s awake
She turns to me, her lips get kissed
I wonder if my cock she’ll take
Or will I have to use my fist

There is no problem, she wants cock
My cock’s still limp, it will not fit
Yet till I know that we can rock
I’ll mount her crotch and rub her clit

She spreads her legs, she’s open wide
My crotch does her torso cover
I wish my prick could slide inside
But rubbings good for my lover

Her clit now grows with every thrust
Her gasps and groans do now begin
I’ll make her come; no nuts will bust
Hard rubbing clit is good as in

Her whole bare crotch is now aflame
I’m suckling at her dear bare tits
She moans as she calls out my name
Both of our bodies are tight fits

She cannot take much more of this
Her pussy quivers with each thrust
She cries and comes in loving bliss
If only my hard balls would bust

Her cunt quivers, she comes in waves
Her clit still takes my rubbing pole
She loves the way my cock still stays
She came again; we met our goal

Her loving arms now cling to me
My tongue deep in her mouth does feed
I’ll never set her pussy free
For her bare cunt I’ll always need

I guess it’s time that we got dressed
And end to nudity a must
For me a shirt that she has pressed
For her panties, and a bare bust

A bra her titties do not need
Split panties keep her twat in play
I love to at her nipples feed
The panties make my fingers day

And so we both go on our way
Her pussy is with semen full
I go to work and she will play
Her cunt reminds her of her bull

Soon again we will both get bare
Her titties there my hands to tease
Then cunt and prick will again tear
And once again she’ll come with ease

Then naked we shall rest entwined
Tits to bare chest and cock to twat
At her pussy I shall have dined
And even gave her ass a swat

We may engage in lewd talk
When is her vagina a cunt?
About our skin our fingers walk
And cumming is a lustful hunt

We speak of loving, fucking too
With our arms wrapped about us tight
When she gives me her tits to chew
The world is good, the world is right

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