Fight Fire With Cyanide

I am the product of my every mistake.
And from this moment forward, I am on a crusade.
I donít need your acceptance, in fact, I WOULDNíT HAVE IT.
People are a disease, or at best, a filthy habit.
Hold your bible in your left hand, burn a cross with your right.
Tell me that your god hates sinners, and I should fear his might.
Protest a soldiersí funeral, and Iíll burn down a church.
Plant the head of a priest in your car, and tell the cops where to search.
Letís get off god, seeing as how yours isnít real.
I worship a 1911. It just has that ďlocked and loadedĒ appeal.
Times arenít what they used to be. Homosexuality is gay.
Tell ANYONE I snuck a joke into a poem, thatíll be that last shit you say.
I am NOT your messiah, though I aim to be revered.
I donít expect you to take my threats seriously, BUT I EXPECT TO BE FEARED.
Itís not that I lack compassion; emotion simply is fruitless.
I TRIED to care once, but she only proved to be useless.
If I had a heart, I swear, IT WOULD ONLY BLEED FOR YOU.
I could tell you how in love I am, but we both know that isnít true.
If you donít listen to METAL, pick the tree, Iíll bring the rope.
Thatís Darwinism; not a racist joke.
Throw up your devil horns, as youíre among friends.
Yuppies need not applyÖ.So close to your end.
Pretentious pretenders will meet an inevitable fate.
Tourists are the epitome of a REAL MAFUKAís HATE.
We choose not to be Facebook friends, because I wonít be a catalyst.
On your level Iím worthless, and I will not add to this.
Donít roll your eyes, pretending this isnít about you.
If it werenít you wouldnít feel so guilty; you KNOW this is true.
I counted on you, and when I was against the wall, I was alone.
I hope this goodbye KILLS YOU. Poisonous to the boneÖÖ
Written by The_Hero_Is_Dead
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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