Tick Tock

The darkness was approaching silently as I heard the tick tock tick tock of the clock in the hall. I walked down the stairs, I closed my eyes listening to the crackling sound the stairs made  in the still quietness. My Mother and grandmother were watching a movie in the den, drinking a cup of coffee. Looking back at them I saw my Mother had the same disappointed look in her eyes as she did each night for the past six nights, this was of no bother to me, I opened the door and walked out into the darkness.
Tick tock tick tock
I stood at the same door I had walked out of hours before. I watched the dark shadows floating above my head, hovering over me, circling me in silent motion. This night was given to me, this night was mine. The front door slowly opened, I walked quietly inside, the dark shadows followed me, hovering above me closely.
My Mother and Grandmother were sleeping on the large antique sofa. I unbuttoned my coat letting it drop to the floor, I slowly raised my hand watching the shadows one by one floating above the bodies sleeping looking down as if looking directly at them.
With in a few minutes their eyes opened with shock, frightened unable to move, unable to speak. I could see the terror they felt, I had so longed for this night, savoring this moment.
The dark shadows opened their mouths and a foul sulfer smelling
grey smoke covered the chest of both women. Withih a few seconds their eyes became red and swolen covered in fear. Tears ran down their faces, terrified. The dark shadows began to chant in a soft echo. I leaned over my Grandmother ripping her top open leaving her chest exposed. Being the oldest of the blood line she would be first. The skin on her chest became hot and hotter as it began to turn red and soften from the heat. I leaned over her body, slowly pushing my fingers into her chest, deeper and deeper. I could feel the beating of her heart in a rapid pace as
I pulled it from her chest, beating in my hand. I began to eat the warm organ as she slowly closed her eyes taking her last breath. I began to feel light, light as air from the warm tasty thick blood that coursed through my body. They chanting continued
as I licked the tissue and blood from my lips.
I turned to my Mother, she knew she was next. I tore her shirt off , her chest looked burned, red blisters were all over her chest. Looking into her eyes I plunged my fingers deep graping her heart still beating I began to eat it, she died instantly. My body began to rise, I felt weightless.
The chanting stopped. The fresh bloody hearts and the sacrifice of my Mother and Grandmother had given me immortality to take flight deep into the night.  I was now one of the dark shadows I had longed to be.
tick tock  tick tock
Written by dungendona
Published | Edited 30th Sep 2012
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