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wax dat shit!

damn! girl!
you need to wax dat shit!
your prickly ass bush
make my nuts itch!
come on! woman!
I ain't even jokin!
I ate out your pussy
now I'm hackin & chokin!

check it!

I'm here to tell it
how I tell it
and how
it should be
couchie cream
and razors
make for an edible pussy

you complain
we don't eat it
but how the fuck could we
your pussy scary as hell hoe
I'm callin animal control!
leave it to beaver
to mow your pubic grass
god damn!
thats a mangy ass pussy cat!
oh shit!
it must be groundhog day
your rodent pussy saw its shadow
and the season changed!

superhero with clippers
here to save the day
fuck around
and got your twat gap shaved!
don't mean to sound rude
wit da words dat I spit
but come on now
it feels like I'm fuckin an armpit!

damn! girl!
you need to wax dat shit!
your pussy got a beard!
I'm not feelin it
come on woman!
does it look
like I'm jokin
if your pussy is shaggy
it gets no pokin!

I'm tired
of bushwackin
my way through
the jungle
just so I can slide
my snake in your fuck tunnel
fuck you!
chill Sasquatch!
I was only
fuckin around
this is for the hoes
in the underground ;)

Keep your shit tight
and trims right I say
collection of cunt hair
for old folks with toupees!

like a cheap shot
I mostly hit it from the back
but let's face the facts
you got a moe hawk
up your ass crack
 oh shit!
I can see she don't care
pulled the panties to the side
and was attacked by a grizzly bear!!!
but I'm not the type
to run and jump off of
like a Mexican Gardner
I'm straight trimming the
str8 underground jigg shit
do your pussy yard work
and she might get licked

damn! girl!
you need
to wax dat shit
your wild cactus patch
make my fuckin balls itch!

come on woman!
I ain't even jokin
your hairy ass pussy
got me hackin & chokin!

I would like
to give a shout out!
to all the ladies out their
that keep their pretty pussys
nice and clean!
let me know who got
a shaved pussy in this joint!
jigg82 on the real
telling you mothafuckas
how I feel

Written by jigg82
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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