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unexceptable collection of body parts!

unexceptable collection
of body parts
in my basement
in my walls
and buried
in my back yard
my home
is now reeking
of rotting corpse stench
I have ran out
of storage
for mutilated
victims I collect

my home
is a gallery
for crime scene
on the floors
on my doors
and my freezer
is full
I keep
severed heads cold
i got skeletons
in my closet
this is not
a medephore

my hobby
is murder
and I'm
a fucking pro
on top of my tv
burns a black
candle on a skull
multible stab wounds
from insane attack
she almost
got away
her neck
I had to crack

I have buried
stiff bodys
where my property
I would make
a crazy episode
on the tv show
so how
do I handle
Putrid human decay?
I live in the
it's a dead giveaway
people walk
past my home
and they cover
their nose
I think I saw
my neighbors dog
run off
with a leg bone

my lifestyle
is violent
selfishly based
with death
at a very
young age
my windows
ar black
from cans
of spray paint
once you enter
my house
that's where
you will stay
my basements
a workshop
for torture and pain
I'll saw
the top
of your head off
to poke needles
in your brain
my captives
beg for release  
until they ar slain
tonight I'll cremate
the deceased
in my stone fireplace

tonight is finally here
I'm burning
hacked up
body parts
and drinking
imported beer
my crib permeates
like an outback steakhouse
choice human beef
barbecued and seared
I've been collecting
bloody body's
for years and years
no remorse
and no fears
never shedding
a fucking tear

I get a massive
from actions
in homicide
pornographic pictures
in my mind
of those who died
never the less
I confess
I got some ill issues
unanswered questions
for the families
usin up boxes
of tissues

but that's the way  
life unfolds
I'm converting
expired body parts
into blackened smoke
up the chimney
the souls
of the tortured
I hope the
the white collar squares
fucking choke
it's been a long night
tomorrow's a new day
burning evidence
is dirty fucking  job
it's time to hit the hay

I awaken
to the sound
of my door
Being kicked down!!!
got pigs in my home
time to scatter
some domes
I hear them comin
down the hallway
fully loaded
it's time to play:)
a head comes into view
I quickly take aim
pull the trigger
and covered the wall
with brains!!!!
I make my way
down the stairs
well equipped
and prepared
I turn the corner
and start unloading
faces and limbs
ar shredded and exploding!!!
hot lead grazed my head
so I hit the deck!!!!
roll behind the couch
20 shells left:/
it's time to check out
I stand up
and let her rip!!!!!
a round shatters my hip
bullets ripping through
my vitals
 my senses
go limp
I watch my spirit
leave my
translucent skin
Im on my way
to burn in hell
for my ridiculous sins!
unexceptable collection of body parts!
in my basement
in my walls
and buried in my backyard
my home is now reeking
of dead human stench
I have ran out of storage
for mutilated humans I

Written by jigg82
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