Stressed  The Fuck Out!

I sit
atop this gold plated world
filled with shit
as I mentally keep going over
and over it...feels like my mind
is going to split...
as I get so mad I could
just spit because

Life..isnt turning out
like I planned it.
and I must say....I dont WANT to understand it

For the first time in my life I had road rage
I felt like a lioness being let out of her cage
as my thoughts caused my foot to step on the gas
as I screamed obscenities at the driver
who cut me off at the pass

Man.... I wanted to break this mans ass...

As I try to gain control of my mind
scenes I dont want to remember twisting in ...
and out of my mind

Making me draw that fine line between
the need and the want to think , and drink to unwind.
when just last week I was fine....

All giggles and smiles...
now its seems as if I cant catch a break for
miles and miles down this dumbass path
I'v been down before....
As I strain against the grain not to complain
but damn ..... my ass is sore
from the continuous reaming I'm recieving from the universe
as I strive to get versed on negative energy pulls,
and how I can put them in reverse

As I cleanse my clear crystals
and light white candles with sage
I mean....I'd do just about anything
to get rid of this rage....
and it builds by the moment f**k by the day
Im screaming loud as I can but no one seams to hear
what I say

Aint that just like life...
it doesnt care if I get ignored
am sexually bored
and barely employed...
feels like my energy is getting sucked
into the void....

Of overt non believing as I continue recieving
messages from the spirit realm that seam quite decieiving
So I close my eyes and try to control my breathing
because if this shit is happening
then there's a reason for it being...

As I humble myself and get in a prostrate position
I open my third eye and survey my condition
pain lodged in my throat so I must write down my petition
as I cling to my last strand of hope to avoid a collision

With my former self... and my current one
as this would create a ripple in time...and everything would come undone

But damn....I wonder if anyone else can attest
to these feelings of mayhem building in my chest
cause we all get tired of the bullshit from day to day
seems like there are always MORE bills
with LESS pay....

So I guess what I'm trying to say
without trying to shout....
is...damn I'm tired
Written by Firebyrd
Published | Edited 22nd Aug 2012
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