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My best friend

I couldn't believe that I was in the arms of my best friend, a man I went to for years to talk about my problems or to hang out and have fun with, but tonight things were different, he didn't see me as the girl he use to play hid and go seek with or do sleepovers.....I was the fully grown woman with hips, ass, lips Breast, thighs that he wanted to kiss, to touch to make love to....our kiss start as always sweet soft and innocent but changed quickly to being more deep more passionated then I ever felt before...he grabbed a hold of my wanting body and escorted me to the bedroom....Nervous but never showed no fear because deep down inside I wanted him just as much as he wanted me....I take my clothes off piece by piece til all you see my chocolate flesh glowing against the candlelight just right....he looks at me , making sure he take in every part of my body and says to me that he's been waiting for this moment to be with me this way since we were in high school ...I secretly felt the same.......he stands up from the bed to start taking his clothes off.......once removing everything.....I had a chance to look at him..really look at him and oh my what a sight to see his nice tight 6 ft muscular caramel frame of his.. He looked as he was created from the heavens and to move farther down to his dick...all I can think about is how all that thickness is going to fit inside my wet waiting pussy but on the outside, all I can do is smile.....he move closer to me and I to him he wrap his strong arm around my waist and squeeze me tight.....looking at each other we begin to kiss again but this time we kiss slowly more sensual then before to the point I felt myself cumming he move his hand down my body til it when inbetween my legs for him to feel my juices.... That cause him to want to taste me but not from his fingers but from his tongue....i got into the bed  laying on my back for him to follow and he kissed me again but this time he started moving down kissing and licking my nipples til they was rock hard then sliding his tongue down my stomach, to my thighs til he got to the juicy center he been craving to taste...Him eating me out felt like second nature as the river of my blackberry juice hits his tongue and he accepts every drop that he brings out of me.. Rubbing his head to let him know I'm enjoying everything he is doing to me...but I think it's time we change and have him under under my control....I pick his head up and tell him to lay on his back........I straddle over him and start kissing him tasting the mix of my juices and sweet mint on his lips then I slowly move my tongue down his body, making sure I touch every ripple of muscle on his handsome chocolate frame.... Moving down to his " prize " I  take in every inch of him in my mouth and orally make love to him.....loving how Im sucking  him, he grows more inside my mouth which causes me to gag and choke but it gave me the power to keep going if fact it turn me on and made me cum just on how much he like me sucking his dick.....I start to move faster and he tells me that he's about to cum....I told him go ahead I want to taste him and savor the flavor he is about to give me and he does letting out a manly groan he cum deep in my mouth and I swallow and take every drop of his cum with pride....I see the look in his eyes and I know that this was just the beginning..... In one quick move he is off his back and is now behind me, still hard and ready to go..Im on all fours on the bed soaking wet, ready to give myself to him and that's exactly what I do ..he  slowly insert his massive dick inside my suga walls, I cum instantly . He kisses my back as he slow-stoke this pussy with all the power and force he has inside him. I let out a sweet moan as he starts to move faster and pounds this pussy like he knows it's his and always have been since we were kids. Moving one hand around my waist and the other hand cupping my breast, we move in unison pulling him closer so I can feel his tongue in my mouth while he pumps away with no mercy. I'm shaking all over my body cumming back to back all on his dick making him want to go longer to see just how much he can get out of me but all became different when we change positions and I was now on top. Riding him like I'm in the Kentucky derby racing to win first prize...he pull me closer to suck on my breast while digging for his treasure inside me... I can feel him getting close....I squeeze my pussy on his dick which sends him in a frenzy, rolls me on my back with my legs in the air spread wide and he fucks me fast hard and deep.. I squeeze again, but when I did it this time, he lets me know that he's about to cum..... I wrap my legs around his body and pull him close and kiss him when I feel his warm jizz comes out of him to go inside me...he falls on side of me, holding and kissing me... And as we lay there to then fall asleep we both knew that we were no longer Best friends ...we have become lovers!!!!!
Written by Cocoadelight1
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