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Kim and Rhiannon's First Date

      When they got into Rhiannon’s car there was an awkward moment where the evening could have gone another way. But Kim leaned forward to kiss Rhiannon. It was tender, but only for a moment. Then she flinched when the blood started flowing.    
      “Take off everything but the T-shirt” Rhi whispered. In a flash, Kim was naked save her tattered white Garbage concert T-shirt. While she was undressing, the profiler fished in her purse and pulled out her handcuffs. They sparkled in the light from the streetlamp overhead. An evil smile filled Rhi’s face. Without direction, the submissive turned, leaned forward, and put her slender wrists behind her.    
       The prisoner was captured. Rhi pulled her date back by the shoulder so she was sitting properly in the seat. Reaching across her, the dominant pulled the seat belt and shoulder strap, fastening it in place.      
       Unexpectedly, Rhiannon kissed Kim softly on the forehead. They stared into each other’s eyes for a long, quiet moment.    
       “Where are we going?” Kim dared to ask. Her answer was having her frilly panties stuffed in her curious mouth. She giggled with her mouth full of cottony taste. Her heart was racing. The thrill of being taken by a sexy raven haired stranger that she had just met was … intoxicating.    
       Rhiannon fastened her seatbelt and started the car.
       Carefully, she drove the car into traffic. Kim just sat there silently enjoying the helplessness of her situation. It made her bedew herself. Her nipples poked thru her T-shirt.    
       Once on the interstate, Rhi headed south towards home. Then she slipped a CD into the player, it was Absolute Garbage, Garbage’s greatest hits. Rhi turned the music way up. But, unlike the concert, neither of the girls was singing.    
       Appropriately the song was SHUT YOUR MOUTH.    
       “Shut your mouth … try not to panic. Just shut your mouth ... if you can do it!”      
       Kim sang the words to herself in her head.    
       With her left hand on the steering wheel, Rhiannon let her right hand wander up under Kim’s T-shirt ...    
       “Hummmm.” Rhi purred. Kim just let her head slide back against the seat and raised her hips up to meet her lover’s fingers.    
       OH MY FUCKING GOD! she kept saying to herself over and over.    
       Nimble, skilled fingers diddled on the captives budding clit. Soft moans were all that escaped Kim’s closed mouth. To mix things up, Rhi probed her moistness with first one, then two, then three fingers.      
       Then she oscillated back and forth between diddling and fingering.    
       The silent driver glanced over. Her captive wriggled in her seat, eyes closed.    
       “I’m glad you’re enjoying this Bitch …” Rhi said without missing a beat with her digitation. “Cuz come later, you won’t.”    
       Another muffled moan. The late night traffic on 95 South was light so the trip to Rhi’s apartment only took thirty minutes. For Kim it was a half hour long roller coaster ride with her eyes closed tightly. Though she came close to climax many times, Rhi made sure that she never did.      
       “I hope you’re up for some romantic wine and candlelight.” Rhiannon said as she opened the door to her apartment and ushered the horny, handcuffed girl in.    
       Of course wine and candlelight meant a crisp, properly chilled chardonnay for Rhi and hot burning candle wax for Kim. Blindfolded, tied spread-eagled on the bed, panties still in her mouth, Kim winced with each molten drop of purple bee’s wax on her pale delicate skin.      
       First, the scalding began in less sensitive areas, just to warm her up. Then the searing drops began slowly creeping towards her feminine charms. The sub breathed rapidly thru her flaring nostrils. Her body was drenched in salty sweat that glistened in the lilac scented candlelight. The only break in the pain was when Rhi stopped to savor a mouthful of wine. Kim used the time to catch her breath.    
       Before the dominant finally repositioned herself, she plucked Kim’s wet panties out of her mouth. Then she straddled her prisoner and lowered her own pussy so it could be duly worshiped.      
       “You had better not bite me …” Rhi said in stern warning.    
       Then she resumed the hot waxing. When the wax built up on Kim’s nipples and labia, Rhiannon would flick it away with her fingers and apply more. In wriggling, silent darkness Kim suffered and pulled as hard as she could on the leather tethers that held her fast.    
       After cuming three times, Rhi finally rewarded her sweaty, frustrated lover. But there was a catch … she had to hold the thick, lit candle between her teeth. All the while Rhi applied a vibrator to just the right spot.      
       During her first climax Kim bit down too hard on the candle and it broke into two pieces. Fortunately she managed to take the lower segment into her mouth and regrasp the candle between her teeth before it fell out of her mouth and onto her breasts.    
       After Kim’s second orgasm Rhi blew out the candle. By then, Kim’s lips and teeth were glazed with purple hardened wax. But the real surprise came when Rhiannon dumped the wine bucket full of ice and cold water onto her tethered lover. Kim’s body lurched upwards against her bonds.    
       Without being allowed to remove any more of the wax, Kim was temporarily released so she could go to the bathroom. Then her hands were recuffed loosely with her hands in front her.
       “Nothing ever smells of roses …” Rhiannon said.  
       “That rises out of mud.” Kim finished.    
       Finally, there was one long, tender kiss … with no bite. The two girls snuggled and drifted off to sleep in the wet, scratchy, bed full of dried candlewax. It was the perfect end to a grungy night.
Written by LeColonel
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