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Giving In to the Bloodlust

Cutting into the flesh of an innocent child
Tearing the bones out of a meek puppy
Slicing a Chelsea Grin into the women
Mutilating the genitalia of the men

These sorts of twisted visions blind my every whim
Unable to even form any decent, coherent thought
All I can see, and feel is pure psychotic bloodlust
These tendencies I cannot keep at bay any longer

I feel an obsession to kill and slaughter everything I see
Whether it be a child, man, woman, or any sort of animal
No matter how meek or ravenous it may be innocent or not
My lust for blood and my need to bask in their gore is growing

I cannot fight this insanity any longer I am going to break
These thoughts and cravings are insane, psychotic even
But maybe this world deserves this bloodbath
Perhaps thatís why I feel compelled to kill them all

Yes, yes, I am to be the extinction of all life on this earth
The blood I can already taste and it feeds my needs
I must kill, I must mutilate, I must slaughter
This is how I will feel alive, by ending all of theirs

Who says you can't savor the bloodshed while it lasts
Oh I'll adore every waking second of their agony
My mouth watering with the thought of their flesh
I want to remember every death as a fantasy come true

I want to see their blood as it spills from their wounds
Drinking every last drop of it, laughing at their suffering
I need to hear their screams as I torture them endlessly
To kill and mutilate the meek is my only desire now

Come now you little children donít be so afraid
All I want is your young flesh to gnaw and taste
While I defile whatís left of your fresh little corpse
Savoring all of the pain you endure before you die

Owned by Dustin Smith: Bastardofbodom666
Written by bastardofbodom666 (Helvete Blod)
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