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It's cold today, I hate the cold
I'm thinking about going out
 The last time I went out I saw her eyes everywhere 
They where at the mall, in a bracelet just reflecting there staring at me
In a puddle on the street corner 
Haunting, piercing green eyes. 
Just staring at me, with a blank look

I should have went to the police! 
But I'm a coward
Just like now, I'm to afraid to step outside, just from the fear of seeing those eyes. 
Maybe if I confess I'll be free. 
Well my mind wouldn't 
I can't escape that day in June 
When I was just minding my business at the local mall
I seen Sue there, talking to two guys that looked haunting. 
Tattoos and slicked hair
They where up to something 
I had to help her, she looked out of place
So I followed them.
They walked out to the parking lot and they where all arguing about something, pointing to an open trunk 
I couldn't hear to well , or see what the fuss was about
So I Stepping closer, I was spotted 
Sue nervously called my name 
As I came from my not so hidden spot 
I became aware there was a stench 
It seemed to be coming from the opened trunk. One of the guys grabbed my arm and asked what have you heard! 
Nothing at all I cried out. 
I was just getting in my car. 
As I turn my head I see inside the trunk a little girl. Laying there lifeless 
Eyes wide open. The color of emerald green.
My knees start to buckle, my body trembling, I'm  in fear. In  shock
. I can't hear anything that's going on between any of them any longer.  I'm just staring at the child shaking.
I feel myself being shoved into a  car. For the life of me I can't make out the model. I look at Sue who's just staring at her hands.  
I ask where are you taking me? 
No reply 
Again i ask pleading this time.
They just ask me where I live. 
I tell them quickly. Not wanting to seem so afraid. 
They reply with, listen bitch you know nothing, you seen nothing, or else we will kill you. And if we have to we will kill every member of your family. Got that? Yes yes I don't know anything I promise I'll stay shut. I don't want to die. I don't want to go to jail for being a part of this. I just want to go home. Please I beg. Well to make sure you stay quiet lets have some fun with you first. My entire body freezes. They pull over into a vacant beach lot. Where you can smell the sea and hear the waves crash against the rocks.  a place I've been many times to read, to relax. My place of solitude. Here why here. Sues yanked out of the car. I'm stalk still waiting for my demise. But no one comes for me. Out the front window I see sue standing in front of the car naked. Head lights shining on her body. She's positioned on the car face down on the hood now! 
 Cheek pressed against the hood.  I see her eyes shut tight. 

I'm afraid for her, for me
One of the guys is behind her now
He grabs her hair. And says I'm fucking you raw. Licks her face. And slams into her. My stomach turns. I can't see the other guy. The passenger. My fear escalates where is he. But not a second later . He appears at my window. Taps on it , and ushers me to open it. I move away locking the doors, quickly glancing to the ignition, seeing no keys . He quickly opens the door and grabs me out. My knees fail me. I'm on the ground kneeling crying. He grabs my hair and says watch. If you speak one word this will be you. The guy fucking my friend sue is buckling his pants , sues dazed . He moves over and takes my commanders place and goes to poor sue and her lifeless body.  But she's alive she's breathing.  He throws her on the ground. Grabs her hair makes her get on her knees and shoves his dick in her mouth. Sue just seethes her teeth and goes stark still. He is fucking her mouth. And the guy beside me is just playing with his dick. In front of me. I'm dying slowly inside. I leave this place on earth in my mind . I go to my tent. My tent I built at my grandmothers house, under the table. With the coach cushions and the tent door opened enough for me to see the tv. It's safe here. They can't touch me. I can smell my grandmother she smells of mothballs and powder. It's my favorite scent. Then I'm wakened by hot cum on face, my hair.  I vomit and beg to be let go . I swear I will tell no one.  One hour later I'm at my house. Not without another warning of my soon to be death if I utter a word of anything that just happened. Inside I run to my dog and hold him tight. And cry until I run out of tears and I fall asleep with a killers seamen on my body. 

Now months later. I still see the news reports of a missing girl, named Emerald a Beauty . Belonging to a family that adored her. They cry on the tv. They can't find her. And  I , I walk in fear of seeing her.  Her asking me to help her in my dreams. I am a coward. I can't leave. I can't help. I can't sleep. I'm ruined. And I blame no one but me. 
P.s I wrote this for a friend in 20 min. I'm working on it still. Just wanted to place it here.
Written by Gg78
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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