Traveler in the circle of cycles

Within the glade between the worlds
Of what was and what will be
I stand weary against the tree
The linden tree hung heavy with flowers
Pungent falling upon the ground
Some on my hair they did stick
As if to adorn a blushing bride
Even as my mortal coil started to cool

Closing my eyes against the light
So alarming bright yet so expected
Like picking flowers from cracked wall
So strange and yet so familiar
The push of go and the pull of stay
I am weary so I sighed
And yet it propelled me on forwards
To rectify what mistakes I made

Wait said a voice beloved and abhorred
The voice of my beloved Marius
What form now are you, I think
And look behind to see his grin
So the same and yet so strange
Look me in the eyes again
says see whether we go on the cycle together
He laughs with joy and embraced me

Looking into his eyes, iris coloured in rainbow hues
My Marius my mate my love my friend my foe my murderer
Set to be at my heel through the circle of cycles
To meet like dancing peacocks
To cause each otherís death
To be together in all rebirths
On the glade under the linden tree
We kiss as man and woman,
Remembering our love in our former mortal coils

A shriek of wind, a push a bellow
Rushing through the tunnel of lights
Like pulsing beacons on the walls
I hold on to Marius hands
I fly to a familiar land
From there to here, and I land
Looking into Marius Eyes
Blue as the sky to my dark brown ones

My twin, baptised Ewan
In the land of the North
Where the wind howls
And frosts cover the ground
White fluffy topped mountains
Here I dwell with my sire
My mother and a brother
who grew up to live a life of murder

I remember the Glade
I remember the Linden Tree
I remember the cool singing air of Maya
I remember the doorway to the twinkling lights
I remember the road from here to there
I know my time is near
To traverse the cycle once more
It is time, I know

The hangmanís noose is tightening
I hear the silence that a sweat falling might ring
I hear the breathing of the executioner
This time I sent Marius before me
As he has sent me so many times before
He has welded his knife too many times
To satisfy his wanton lust
Killing the parents was his last thrust

Leaning against the Linden Tree
In the middle of that ever swirling green glade
I hear laughter as Marius neared
I feel his lips against my cheek
I feel the weariness engulf me
I travel again until I remedy
And pay my karmic burden
for the murder I committed.
Written by Grace (IDryad)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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