100 oohs and aahs

An outline of my life. Many stories and unconventional life in most of these lines ~

1. got high every day from age 9-17

2. only did pot or lsd, never anything else

3. except mushrooms once and that was an experience not to be repeated

4. my first memory of recall was age 4, "helping" my grandparents build their home on the lake

5. stuck a hatchet in my foot and a trip to the emergency room

6. a wonderful memory as it showed they loved me

7. married to 1st wife 12 years

8. after 2 others, she finally married a doctor

9. 2nd ex, 11 years married, was a lesbian

10. she "married" my attorney's wife

11. moved out of home when i was 13

12. into a hippie commune down the road, with my uncabo

13. had an afro 28" across

14. loved sports, but quit the high school teams (basketball and football) when i was asked to cut my hair

15. moved to houston when i was 18, after high school, to work and go to college.

16. loved the music and art community

17. moved back home after being in houston 2 years, when my grandfather grew ill (lung cancer).

18. he died a year later and I stayed to help my grandmother (mamaw)

19. she raised 3 children and 10 of us grandchildren. an amazing woman

20. she passed 5 1/2 years ago...and hugs me every day

21. i am a lightweight drinker, sniff the cork and i am toasted:)

22. traveled the country time and again

23. 2 children, margaret may,29 (maggie) and russell eric,27

24. after college, maggie joined the peace corps

25, after school, russell joined the navy

26. my first wedding night was the absolute worst sex possible, no lovemaking, just BAD sex

27. 2nd marriage was better, but still no WHEW love

28. lived with a girlfriend 4+ years after 2nd marriage ended

29. she (robyn) was a party friend of 2nd ex. Amazing love and passion

30. strong union. she was 19 years younger, died 4 years ago. sad end in this world of a beautiful soul

31. 2nd ex had over a dozen (out of over 2 dozen) of her girlfriends live with us for weeks to months

32. several wanted me to join in, but i never did

33. diseases scared me, and i wasn't interested in more than 1 person

34. after returning back from houston, i worked in a papermill, plus another job, saved money and bought a sign business.

35 worked it for over 20 years, until 2nd divorce had me selling the business and property

36. rarely smoked pot as I learned from the hippies to cook with it or eat it raw

37. hid joints in my hair during school

38. was a counselor in a half way house my last 2 years of high school after stopping my use.

39. met Dr. Jim, who became a roomie for many years afterward. smartest man I've ever known

40. bought lots of cool camping gear with him, though he only went with me and friends once as I camped every month on a 4 day escape to nature

41. took Dr. Jim on a few sporting and music trips to New Orleans

42. he is a miser, brought his clothes in a paper bag...though he has plenty of money

43. his photographic memory still astounds me and I have an amazing recall even with the years of tripping.

44. got online personally in 2002

45. befriended people across the world and loved the outlet.

46. was in yahoo 360 for several years, until they rescinded technical support and it dwindled

47. i eat seedless watermelon almost every day

48. i am a very sensual person, patiently waiting for "GREAT PASSIONATE LOVE."

49. nature and the heavens stir my soul

50. got offline for a year, from april 2007 to may 2008

51. lost over 700 poems and writings when yahoo deleted my email addy in my absence. I learned to backup on flash drives

52. tried many sites and here in DUP I find the best fit

53. beyond these borders have ventured to Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Canada and my Dream World.

54. I am a gypsy soul, stranger in a strange land

55. i have very acute discernment of people

56. except in romance, where i SUCK donkeys

57. a lot of passion locked within my walls

58. i am a patsy for abandoned/abused animals

59. i have a fear of heights

60. i am a giver, and BELIEVE my twin flame will fly smack into me one day

61. i write mostly in the mornings

62. kissing and holding hands my 2 greatest pleasures

63. i'm not a great dancer but i love shaking my ass

64. i remember most of my dreams

65. can dream of what i think of during the day

66. I am a peace loving man but quick to kick ass in defending friends and loves

67. I've worn many "hats" in my business and life and all fit well

68. As I naturally empathize and feel most genuine people

69. Painting is akin to a high as I am captivated in the moment

70. I love learning shit.:)

71. Had many gays/lesbians work for/with me in my business

72. learned much as I saw people, not their sexual proclivities

73. after i closed my sign business, worked 4 years for another, managing

74. when it became 70 hour work weeks I left

75. quit and worked in management at home depot for 5 months, before deciding i wanted to get away from managing children in adult bodies

76. i am flirty, but don't cross boundaries

77. raised by my grandparents when my parents divorced

78. i was 9, oldest of 4 kids

79. never had a real relationship with my mom or dad

80. i am very social, but choose the quiet anyday

81. love traveling for live music

82. i learned to cook and clean from my mamaw

83. am a better than decent cook

84. Most proud of my children who have made their place in this world

85. i love games, board games, cards, scrabble, naked twister, rook, hearts, boggle, whatever

86. never lost a game of boggle

87. I play my congas and hammered dulcimer

88. i have a soft southern drawl, but am no hick or redneck (i know a thing or two about a thing or two)

89. love dancing in the rain

90. living on the road while working has helped me heal

91. love exploring dives off the beaten path

92. i am rarely ill, blessed with great health

93. never been admitted to a hospital

94. i have learned to close doors and let go the memories not so good of past relationships

95. i talk to nature, animals, the heavens and even people at times :)

96. i have an abundant romantic appetite

97. have found life is worth living; the good and not so good

98. i think too much, but its me

99. I am drawn to genuine people who allow their underbellies to be exposed.

100. i laugh a lot, often at my own crazy ass
Written by Soul_Man_Ken
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